On the Wall by My Desk

From time to time, I get cards from friends near and far. Usually, the cards have gone on the door of our refrigerator, where I seldom see them because most of the time I am working on my computer. Therefore, I decided to get a metal bulletin board to put on the wall by my desk. That way I could easily glance over at the cards andΒ  admire them.

The bulletin board came in last week, and Clif put it up for me. When it comes to reading measurements, I am terrible at judging how big something is. This bulletin board was no exception, and it’s a little smaller than I would like. Clif suggested I get another one the same exact size and hang it above the current one. I just might do this.

In the meantime, the board is big enough for the four cards I have recently received and are very dear to me.

The one on the far left is from my blogging friend Jodie in honor of our dear dog Liam, who died two years ago. This card both made me smile and brought tears to my eyes.

The card just beneath it is from my blogging friend Jill. The picture was taken of a tree in front of her house. She wrote, “The pecans were just leafing out—they are the last to get leaves.” Such a lovely description.

Right beside the Liam card is a sweet, delicate water color by Dawn,Β  yet another blogging friend. On the back she wrote, “Enjoy the little oak.” I surely am.

Finally, the last card is a humorous one, sent to me by my long-time friend Dawna. Although the message is humorous and a reflection of how an everyday commodity became scarce during the early days of the coronavirus, the message inside was heartfelt: “Miss You!” We only live about five miles apart, but we have not seen each other for months. I miss her, too.

I, too, have been sending cards, pictures of flowers taken from my garden. I joke that I am sending flowers through the mail.

Now it is my turn for generosity. If you would like a flower from my garden, let me know in the comment section, and I will send you one, no matter where you live.

During this dark time, getting something lovely or funny is such a comfort.


48 thoughts on “On the Wall by My Desk”

  1. It’s an honor to be in such good company! We had a big thunderstorm last night and those pecans, as I told you, are “self-pruning.” There are leaves and branches all over the place. Thanks for sharing your friends’ work.

  2. Hi, Laurie – What a wonderful way to display and enjoy these thoughtful cards. I read a post from Dawn when she was making individual cards for friends. This is so thoughtful – especially in times like these.

  3. Such lovely gifts Laurie and it’s so nice to create a special display too πŸ’œ

  4. Lovely cards from friends and a great idea to have them all displayed ..I do the same..I never really look at them if they are on the fridge. Where would we be without friends!

  5. I’ve had some postcards, which have been nice. It’s good to hear from friends. I’d love a flower! And I’ll send something back.

  6. It’s always great to get cards in the mail. A couple of my relatives have been doing the ‘post card challenge’ (I think it started on FB?) where you send travel postcards (how many of us bought them on our trips as souvenirs and then never looked at them again?). My brother sent one from ‘Idaho’ saying they had been to Alaska and were going to TN, then to ME, and it was great traveling without the crowds. I was amazed that he did that during lockdown. Of course, he was joking, but I fell for it, haha! Good fun.

  7. What a nice thing to do during this isolation, and it’s always good to have a physical reminder of how caring most people are. Win – win. Stay well, Laurie, and have a good week.

    1. Same to you, Judy. The picture you sent me for my fiftieth birthday is framed and on the living room bookshelf, where I can see it often.

  8. That board is a lovely idea Laurie. I have some cards which marked special occasions in our lives and have framed them, then hung them on the wall of the stairs where I see them every time I go up or down. They are mixed with pictures we bought over the years – usually as souvenirs of somewhere significant to us. You have reminded me to do such things more often.

  9. Such lovely gesture Laurie.
    I usually send photos taken by me with greetings to my dear and near ones but sadly I get only phone calls no cards.

  10. Aw, Laurie – this is beautiful. Thank you for the mention. ❀
    I am also sending a ton of mail these days. It feels like a way to give a hug when they aren't allowed.

    I hang my cards in my office, too and I would love a flower from you.

    xoxo Jodie

  11. I have one or two bulletin boards on all my inside doors, with cards and postcards that are meaningful. I took photos of them once thinking about my blog but never thought to actually itemize the cards and pictures. Another good idea, especially for winter blogging.

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