Luck x 2=No Power Outage

As the title indicates, we were lucky yet again. The wind blew, but it did not  knock out our power.  In Central Maine, there were no widespread power outages. This storm was primarily a coastal storm, and that’s where most of the outages were. Sure hope they get their power back soon.

One thing the rain did is take away the snow. As a reminder, here is what the backyard looked like last Friday.

From a slightly different perspective, here is what the backyard looked like this morning.

In deference to the wind, I moved the chairs and set them against the house. The little glass table went downstairs. Out they will soon come.

Now, fingers crossed that Winter is really and truly gone and will allow Spring to show her pretty face. In Maine, Winter’s cold grip is long and is only released grudgingly.

But in the end, Spring always has her way.

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  1. Yay!!!! For both not losing power and for the snow being washed away! Bring on Spring!! 🌷🌷🌷

  2. Great news! I stored our chairs and tables yesterday as well, but we were lucky and didn’t get the high winds forecasted either. Maybe spring will take hold now – we can hope. We have sun today which perks me right up. 🙂

  3. More clean up to do now. The snowplow scraped up our front lawn and left huge chunks of soil. Glad you made it through without flying to OZ!

  4. Wow! That’s quite a difference. We had a lot of wind here, too. No power outage at our place (I think there were 39 somewhere on the peninsula, north of us where some of the gusts reached 80 mph). One very smart thing they started to do after Sandy was to put the power lines underground. They are not all underground but enough that it seems to make a difference when storms blow through.

  5. Glad you were lucky again Laurie! What a difference a few days makes again and here’s hoping you’ll soon be able to enjoy sitting on your patio in the warm Spring sun xxx

  6. We have a lot of wind too, but nothing too dangerous. Down where my siblings live in GA and AL they had tornadoes all around them, but none hit them. THey were lucky too. Here in Michigan they are saying we might get a little more snow. We usually do at least once in April.

  7. So glad you kept your power. We did too, except for a quick outage (less than a minute.) We lost a big tree in the back but it only damaged a bit of fence. Just missed a wheelbarrow. So we are fine, as well. Love to see that snow-free yard of yours! Here comes spring!

  8. Maine weather is reminiscent of Colorado weather. We just had our second snowstorm, and the third is expected for Thursday. But at least we know that it won’t linger.
    Stay warm,

      1. I don’t mind the snow, Laurie, but I feel bad for our spring flowers which have been pummeled repeatedly. Amazingly, most of them seem to rebound after looking very droopy.

      1. Laurie, you’ll love this. One of your reader, (hello Linda from Texas!) saw my note on your blog about the lack of yeast in our grocery stores here in Toronto. She is sending me a strip of packages…how awesome is that!

  9. We got a 1/4 inch of snow that stuck before it warmed up enough to melt it. Your rain really did the job.

  10. Great that you kept your power! We have had 2 nights of frost so I am really glad I am behind hand with planting out seedlings! The days have been lovely and sunny but rain is in the forecast from tomorrow so the nights will be warmer but the opportunities to be outside fewer. No pleasing me is there?!

      1. Actually after 3 weeks or so of lovely weather with frost some nights but warm sunny days it is cloudy and cool today with rain forecast for tomorrow! I hope we are swapping with you and you get chance to sit outside.

  11. The good thing about snow at this time of year that it generally doesn’t hang around for too long once the sun comes out – at least here, I don’t know about Maine but it looks as if the same applies.

    1. Yes, same here. It also brought us much-needed moisture. Actually, floods in some areas. But the waters are receding, and the snow is gone. Come, Spring, come!

  12. Weather is playing this game with us as well.
    Today we are set back to default weather, its raining but there will be sunshine in coming days. If we believe the forecast 🙂

  13. Can’t believe the snow disappeared that quickly! It’s been snowing here today and we were lucky that our high wind advisory was not as bad as expected. I hope you have a break from worrying about power outages!

    1. Right? Unfortunately, three more inches predicted for southern Maine. Not sure about central Maine. Nothing to worry about but we are all so done with snow. 😉

  14. I like the idea that in the end Spring always has her way. It has been glorious here since we have been asked to stay at home. I honestly can’t remember April ever having been so lovely, but perhaps it is just that Nature is extra welcome now,

  15. Such beautiful writing… The last paragraph touched me like the end of Shelly’s Ode to the West Wind. Such a lovely post Laurie! I love your ‘Come spring come.’ There is something so mythic in our longing for spring after a long dark winter. Spring has arrived here and the air has smelled of lilacs and Jasmine. Your turn is finally on its way!

  16. Good to hear you made it through this storm. We were without power for 3 days, internet access for 4. Then came the rains that dumped almost an inch of rain, rising the lake high enough to overtake the beach.

    1. Phew! A long time to be without power, especially during these stay-at-home times when you can’t go to a cafe to escape. May you keep your power for the rest of spring. And summer and fall, too!

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