Here Comes the Wind Again

Lately, the weather has been a little iffy, even by Maine standards. Last Thursday, we had a Nor’easter that dropped a foot to a foot and half of snow on the state. The snow was wet and heavy and caused such massive power outages that four days later, some people still don’t have electricity.

Now, a rain and wind storm is ripping up the Eastern Seaboard from the South. The forecast is for wind gusts up to fifty miles an hour, which will bring—wait for it—more power outages. Sigh.

By some miracle, we did not lose our power last Thursday. Can we have such luck twice? I am not counting on it, and I have been getting ready—lots of water water set aside, laundry done, the house well heated. The usual.

Yesterday, I made bread. That way, if the power goes out, we’ll have the consolation of fresh bread.

To put a hectic spin on things, two days ago, Clif slipped on the snow, fell, and sprained his ankle. It’s not a bad sprain, and the fall certainly could have been worse. Much worse. But he is hobbling around the house and can’t do much to help get ready.

Therefore, this will not be my usual Monday post with news about the pandemic posted at the end. Instead, a brief one as I have more to do to get ready for the wind and the rain.

Onward and upward! See you on the other side.


63 thoughts on “Here Comes the Wind Again”

  1. Laurie and Clif, I hope you are spared any power outages. Yes, I remember some of those New England spring snows and storms!

    The bread looks wonderful! πŸ™‚

  2. So sorry for the combo of bad weather and incapacitated husband. Hope all gets well soon. (Isn’t it sad how short-sighted they were when electricity first began to be used? Our neighborhood has power lines–vulnerable to storms, damaging to trees, unsightly, etc.; a nearby neighborhood has buried lines. If they were all buried it would spare so much grief from storm damage. Yes, it costs more initially but would save so much in the long run. Yes, humans are extremely short-sighted!)

      1. Sorry to hear Clif got hurt. It would be a bad time to be without power since most people in isolation want to be up on the latest news and doings of the world.

  3. Sorry to hear about Clif’s ankle sprain Laurie and we wish him a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed you’ll keep the power on – the bread you baked looked delicious! xxx

  4. Have a trauma free day! No wind blown down branches. No problem with electricity. No falls or tripping hazards! Stay safe in every way and eat delicious πŸ˜‹ homemade bread!

  5. Sorry to hear about Clif – wishing him a speedy recovery!
    Fingers crossed you won’t lose power or any trees/limbs in your yard. It seems that every other day is rainy and windy this month. Mother Nature is really throwing it at us lately!

  6. I hit the ‘like’ button and immediately thought “WAIT!!! What part of this do I LIKE? Not the snow, not Cliff’s ankle for sure. But the bread I like…so please note that the rest I am not officially liking. At all. Please stay warm and safe and be careful on all that snow!

    1. Oh and darn. I meant to tell you that it’s really really windy here today, gusts in the 50 mph range. And a big temp drop from yesterday’s 60. We’re in the low 40s now, mid-day, probably 30s tonight. I’m sure you agree that spring needs to step it up and take charge!

  7. Hi Laurie! I am impressed that you don’t have 1 and one half loaves in this picture. When bread comes out of the oven here everyone wants a fresh warm slice with butter almost straight out of the oven! My Tom is feeling good but stir crazy and he has been baking and I have been eating! I hope Clif is on the mend. Ankles can take time and it is important to make that time for healing. Love to you both from not- very -sunny CA!

    1. I make bread so often that we have become rather relaxed about it. A lot of us are more than a little stir crazy, and on it goes. How wonderful to have a husband who bakes. Clif’s ankle is healing slowly, as most sprains do. Hugs from Maine. Hope you and yours stay safe during this pandemic.

  8. I hope you’re spared a power outage and Cliff can sit with his feet up. We had a high wind advisory, until 6:00 pm, but now that it’s 8:00, the wind seems to be picking up. Going to drop 20 degrees between one day and the next. I hope your prep is all unnecessary and you can put your feet up too.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about Clif’s ankle. An ankle sprain can be exceedingly painful — anyone who’s had one rarely says, “just a sprain.” I hope you’re spared the worst of the weather. We had terrific winds here yesterday, and a thirty degree temperature drop — but of course that only got us down to the fifties last night, and that felt pretty darned good after being in the 90s.

      1. Well, speaking of wild swings — it’s only 53 just now, and we’re in for a cool week. This is spring in Texas — it’s not atypical, but it’s always surprising (although the nineties were here a little soon!)

  10. I hope Cliff’s ankle heals quickly and any power problems are short lived. You are well prepared (as always!) and the bread looks delicious. If you can’t get yeast try making soda bread – lots of recipes online – which doesn’t stay fresh as long but is delicious.

    1. Many thanks! Alas, the ankle is healing slowly, as sprains often do. At least he didn’t break it. Going to the hospital right now would be like something out of the Twilight Zone, even in little Maine. I have been thinking of making soda bread. I could have some right now. Also thinking of making a sourdough starter. Lots of option.

  11. I just discovered that by mistake I apparently hit a button that resulted in unfollowing you. This must have happened a few weeks ago. I’m following you again now. Sorry. Be well.


    1. Thanks for “re-following” me. It might not be anything you do but rather a quirk of WordPress. I have had this same thing happen with several blogs I follow. For a strange reason, I am no longer following them and have re-follow. Anyway…

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