Winter Again

Last night, we got around five inches of snow, and as we Mainers would say, it looks like wintah again. Somehow this didn’t bother Clif and me in the least when we got up and gazed at the white beauty of the newly fallen snow. This is March, after all, and in northern New England, we frequently get snow in March.

Outside, everything looked soft and calm, soothing, even, in the face of what’s going on all around us.

I particularly like the tangle of snowy branches.

The temperature is supposed to be in the 50s today, which means the snow won’t last long. But while it does, we will treasure our winter wonderland. As my blogging friend Eliza observed, we northern New Englanders are half crazy, but in a good way.

Coronavirus News from Maine

From Maine CDC

Maine’s number of cases of the coronavirus: 118

From the Bangor Daily News

Only a week earlier, Maine had fewer than 20 confirmed cases, and health officials expect it to continue to spread.

The News from All Over

From CNN

Nearly 1 in 1,000 people in the greater metropolitan area [of New York City]  have now contracted the virus, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus coordinator, said yesterday. That makes the “attack rate” — the percentage of the population with the disease — five times higher than the rest of the US…

From the New York Times

“Look at us today,” Governor Cuomo warned the rest of the country. “Where we are today, you will be in four weeks or five weeks or six weeks. We are your future.”

The latest numbers from CNN:

Global Cases: 387,382

Global Deaths: 16,767

From Mother Nature Nature: More Unsung Heroes

There’s no shortage of people facing extraordinary adversity to help us maintain some semblance of civilization in these pandemic times.

There are the usual suspects — doctors, nurses, firefighters — who make courage under fire seem so routine.

And then there are truckers.

Rain, shine or pandemic, the U.S. relies on about 3.5 million truck drivers to keep goods — the lifeblood of an economy — in circulation.

That includes canned foods and non-perishables like tuna and rice and beans, bound for small stores and shops in every nook of the country. And yes, there’s always a need for more toilet paper on Aisle 12.

My own take: When this horrible time is over, I hope we can respect all the workers who actually keep things running: The truckers, the cashiers, the clerks, the workers who stock shelves, the receptionists, and many others. And pay them a true living wage with benefits such as health care, sick days, and vacation time.  Those at the top never fail to remind us how valuable they are and how much society needs them. Uh-huh. We know the truth now. And let’s not forget it.



44 thoughts on “Winter Again”

  1. Yesterday and overnight before that, we got some nice hevay snow too here near Woodstock NY, maybe five inches that sank eventually and is now still covering everything but is loudly melting and dripping from rooves etc. It is still gorgeous though and not slippery to walk or drive in.

    We went to the store today, I in a mask since my health is always cooties and I don’t want to give or get more, and folks seem to be trying their best. One store, the co-op, had new plastic shields at the checkout and no one could get cash back or pay with cash, and yet hannafords didn’t have those upgrades at all, and a bagger, a young healthy-looking kid, was really nervous about it. Someone said they’d get the plastic things ‘soon’ there, but good luck to the poor folks before and after that.

    It bums me out to be in a crunchy area where tofu sells out as fast as toilet paper!

    best wishes to all–

    1. I sure hope so. In the U.S., the cashiers, clerks, and other service workers are not valued. Are looked down on. I am hoping this will change.

  2. Totally agree – and no one seems to be mentioning the cleaners, who have to be on eof the most important too surely!
    With 24 doctors dead in Italy and 5 in France – we need much more support and respect for isolation and those who are on the front line.
    STAY AT HOME everyone!
    Stay safe and well.
    Thank you for your gorgeous snowy pictures – so soft and calm. ❤

  3. Every time I see the virus numbers, I can only think, “Those are people who got tested.” The doctor for my daughter and the doctors for many, many others strongly believe certain patients have the virus. There are just too few tests to prove it.

  4. I looked at that snow and didn’t even flinch. We weren’t going anywhere so who cared. 🙂 I say a big DITTO to your last paragraph. When I was at the store this morning at 5:45 with fellow seniors, I thanked every employee I saw which was the least I could do.

  5. I heartily second your take. A decent wage, affordable health care, sick leave and vacation leave. These should be the bare minimum for all workers. And they should have collective bargaining to defend and build upon that bare minimum.

  6. Well said, Laurie! Small businesses and self-employed people will be hit very hard as well as the workers you have mentioned. They will get no help or compensation for the time they have to take off work.

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