Last Night I Dreamed…

Last night, I dreamed I was walking on a steep snowy path in the woods. When I turned, I saw Liam running toward me. He was at his peak—young, beautiful, and energetic. So very sad to wake up and realize it was only a dream. That dog has been gone for two years, and I miss him still.

Maybe it’s because of missing our dog buddy, maybe it’s because of the pandemic, or maybe it’s because I have a daughter living in New York City, the epicenter of Covid-19 in this country, but I have been moping most of the day.

Life is like that sometimes, and I need to follow my own advice and let myself feel what I feel.

Coronavirus News from Maine

From Maine CDC

Maine’s number of cases of the coronavirus: 107 (On Friday it was 56.)

From the Kennebec Journal:

Governors across the country have imposed tough restrictions on public travel and gatherings to combat the spread of coronavirus, but Gov. Janet Mills is not yet ready to order Mainers to shelter in place, the state’s top public health official told reporters on Monday.

From the Portland Press Herald

Most of us have been advised to stay home, but cashiers have to interact with other humans all day long, although many have changed the way they work…In the United States, more than 3.5 million workers are considered cashiers….a cashier’s annual average income of about $22,400, often coupled with limited or no sick leave, make them less likely to be able to afford to take several days off from work, even if they are sick.

My own thoughts: This pandemic has shown everyone how essential cashiers are to our society. Maybe, just maybe, they should start getting better pay and benefits.


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  1. A big round of applause for cashiers everywhere and an apology for not appreciating their contribution sooner. Yes, they have families to support so pony up the wages and benefits. If there is one thing we can learn from this it is that we can’t pay the cheapest amount without affecting those working in that industry. I understand your day because I’ve had one just like it. I can’t seem to move, but here’s hoping tomorrow is better. Stay safe.

    1. For me, today is better, in no small part because of all my wonderful blogging friends, which certainly includes you. Onward we go. Let’s hope we learn to respect and compensate those who are, in fact, doing so much hard work for our society.

    1. Very interesting that you dreamt of your beloved old dog, I was just thinking how nice it would be to have our sweet dog with us … she loved curling up next to us… pets bring enormous reassurance and comfort don’t they?
      I think there are a lot of people doing almost invisible but important jobs at the moment.. the cashiers, the service people keeping food in the supermarkets & all medical staff, teachers etc
      At least we have blogging friends & can express how we feel …. The world of blogging is such a bonus at times like this..👏👏

      1. They surely do! They give us so much.

        And so many essential people far, far removed from those at the top who think they are terribly important and deserve the lion’s share of the resources. I hope that after all this misery, some good comes of it, and we start realizing how those “at the bottom” are actually propping up those at the top.

        Blogging friends are a treasure. As you noted, a bonus at times like this.

  2. What a dream you had, like a little show of support from the beyond.
    At last, our Prime Minister (UK) has called for lockdown, prompted I think by masses of people thronging to beauty and recreation spots throughout the country at the weekend – what on earth were they thinking!
    I have been in lockdown for 10 days already, knowing that was the only way to know I would not be responsible for spreading the virus.
    I am lucky, I live in a beautiful place and have a garden and masses of crafting supplies to keep me happy. I have my online friends too, for whom I am hugely grateful. I do feel for others who do not have these things.
    We will all have days when we feel flat over the coming weeks and months, but we are all in this together and we can offer love and support where we can.
    I hope your daughter keeps safe and well Laurie – virtual hugs from across the Pond. Take care my friend. xx

  3. Grocery workers are on the front lines every day, but unlike medical personnel, are not compensated for the risk they are facing right now. They aren’t even given masks to wear. So not right! 😦

  4. Hi, Laurie – This is so true about our cashiers, and so many others who have taken on a front-line role in this crisis. Every single frontline worker who I have interacted with so far has been incredibly calm, kind and patient. Incredible!

  5. I have also had dreams like that about animals, and people, who are no longer with us. Their lives were woven into the tapestry of my own, and very much a part of me.

    People need to respect cashiers and others working in jobs that do not have the cachet of more lucrative employment and social status. In many ways things have not changed much since the time of Ross Poldark and George Warleggan.

    1. “Their lives were woven into the tapestry of my own, and very much a part of me.” What a beautiful description and so very true.

      Also, how true about those who work in jobs that don’t have high status. In fact, they are the ones propping everyone up, especially those at the top who think they deserve so much.

  6. I have also been dreaming of those long dead. It must be the danger and stress from the pandemic. My daughter, Erica, is a cashier and Alicia works at Lowe’s so they are both in the public. I agree it is a worry! May we all stay well!

  7. I always dream of pet dogs when I’m overstressed. I think they offer comfort. I felt bad for my cashiers when I last shopped. They were wearing gloves, though, which would give them a modicum of protection from something not airborne. Stay safe.

    1. I never thought of it that way, but I think you are exactly right. Yes, gloves are good. Read in the New Yorker about an epidemiologist who wears cloth gloves whenever he goes out.

  8. The good thing is that our little blog community can support each other at this time. I am making a bit point of smiling at cashiers and saying an extra thank you. Actually, from today we are supposed to nominate the person in the family who will go shopping. It will need to be my husband since I don’t drive, but I’m the one who does the cooking! We will of course manage. I think it is more to stop families sending the whole family out as individuals to do the shopping than anything.

  9. Our friends often bring comfort from the other side of the rainbow Laurie and it was lovely you could see Liam in your dream, looking well and energetic. I do believe we all meet up again one day 💜 xxx

  10. You are so right about cashiers. One local food coop in nearby Astoria Oregon has put up plexiglass shields to help protect the cashiers and are letting only a few customers in at a time.

    Your dog was a beauty.

  11. The cashiers in the supermarkets near me in France all wear masks and gloves. So far, the shoppers seem to be fairly calm and sensible when buying food but we are in a very rural, lightly populated area here – I daresay it will be worse in the cities. Like you, I’m worried about my daughters in the U.K. which brings me down now and then but, overall, I feel lucky to be where I am.
    Is it too late to get a rescue pup from one of the refuges or are they all closed – or are you not still not ready? Just a thought.

    1. Best to your daughters!!!! No mater how old they are, we still worry about our children. We would dearly love to get another dog, but we are so busy driving here and there selling books, that we just can’t manage it. Or at least we were before the pandemic. Sigh.

  12. Virtual hugs Laurie! You are quite right that the way we reward people in terms of pay and our gratitude bears no relation to the value of the work they do. Maybe this pandemic will make us reassess our ways and change that. Meanwhile, stay safe, do whatever helps you to cope and one day this will all be over.

  13. I was moping yesterday too. Today I feel lots better. Maybe it’s because Katie let me sleep in, maybe it’s because finally the sun is out and maybe it’s because it’s a little warmer. I’m sorry about Liam…I know you will miss him forever. There’s no timeline on grief. I know I will miss Katie forever once she crosses the bridge. I miss Bonnie, the sheltie before her, and Daisy the sheltie before Bonnie…but Katie will be in a very special place in my heart, as your Liam is in your heart. Hang in there, a warmer, sunny day may help you feel better too! I hope so!

    1. So many of my blogging friends said they were moping, too. (I feel better today, too.) It must have been that kind of day, with the weight of what’s happening all over the world weighing on us. Many, many thanks for your kind, sympathetic words. So very appreciated! Give your Katie a kiss and a pat for me.

  14. My daughter’s doctor, via teleconference, agrees with her that she has the virus. The good/bad news is she is not sick enough to qualify in RI for the test. Pretty uncomfortable, though.

  15. Hugs to you, Laurie. I have had my ups and downs, too. Yesterday I just couldn’t focus my mind on what I was trying to do on the computer. I have learned that when that happens, I need to clean. I can clean no matter what my mood. In fact, when I am really upset, that’s what I start to do – I mindlessly clean everything.

    Lauren lives in Brooklyn. Although she’s worked from home for over a week, I worry terribly about her. The news from New York has me frightened. We told her weeks ago that she and Colin and her cat can come live here. She said “This is my home. I feel safe here.” So that’s a comfort.

    Hugs to you and Clif. And a big wet kiss from Liam. ❤

    1. Cleaning can be very therapeutic. Keeps the body busy and calms the mind. Best, best, best to your Brooklyn daughter. My daughter lives in Brooklyn, too. As mothers, we would like our children right here with us where we can keep on eye them while we hunker down. Sigh.

  16. Thinking of you and your family and hoping everyone continues to stay safe! I’ve been watching Governor Cuomo every day and keep hoping everything we’re doing will make a difference soon.

  17. What you say of cashiers is true of so many others – letter carriers, drivers, retail clerks, nurses’ aides, and so on. All are grossly undervalued.

  18. yes!! Maybe at least, this crisis will make all of us realise how valuable all folks are- We are very dependent on cashiers, clerks, stock folks, sanitation workers- mechanics etc time to wake up!

  19. oh! meant to say, your dear Liam was beautiful. I bet he visited to comfort you. . .or to remind you that you are cared for. Maybe he represented love . . . .well I love dreams! May you have sweet ones!

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