March Giveaway: Two Free E-books from Our Very Own Hinterlands Press

Let’s face it: What with the coronavirus and politics, it has been a rough month. To help you stay home and out of harm’s way, for the next five days—starting on March 10 and ending March 14—we are offering two of our e-books free of charge from Amazon. The books are my YA fantasy novels, Maya and the Book of Everything and Library Lost.

Plucky fifteen-year-old Maya, who travels across the universe with a Book of Everything, might just take your mind off your earthly troubles. Enjoy, stay safe, and be well. Here is the link to the ebooks on Amazon.

Due to Amazon rules, we can offer this for only five days. So act now, and please share this with anyone who might be interested.

35 thoughts on “March Giveaway: Two Free E-books from Our Very Own Hinterlands Press”

  1. Thanks for the thought Laurie. It doesn’t work for me though as i’m not in the U.S. – even though it’s an e-book 🙄

    1. Just in case you’re interested…you should be able to download the books. We’ve looked at both UK and France Amazon sites. The e-books are available and are listed at zero cost. Maybe it’s because our link is to the U.S. Amazon site that you thought the books were unavailable?

      1. Aha! Thanks for the tip – I’ve managed to download them both now, thank you Laurie. I don’t know when I’ll be reading them but you can never have enough books to your reading list can you?

  2. I agree, corona virus and politics have made a rough start to the year.

    You are very generous with your offer and I am wishing you many future sales!

  3. It is very generous of you to offer your books at this time. If there is a need to self isolate at any time …. I couldn’t think of a better way than to read piles of books! 👏👏

  4. I hardly dare confess I’ve never read an ebook other than some sample pages. I have downloaded Kindle for Mac this morning and your books are the first I have downloaded to it. Thanks for helping me out of my comfort zone with your unrefusable offer. 🙂

    1. My pleasure! And I have to confess that I much prefer paper books over ebooks. But ebooks do have their place, and they are easy for us to offer for free. Enjoy!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful offer, Laurie! I’ve read both of these books and enjoyed them immensely. Can’t wait for the third. This post has prompted me to give these two a reread before the third comes out.

  6. What a generous offer Laurie! This is when I am very grateful to be living in a fairly isolated spot! Though I think my family may descend on me if the schools shut as it will be easier to cope here than in built up areas. If they do it will be chaos but great fun too.

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