A Short Story Advent Calendar

This year for an early Christmas present, my daughter Shannon and my son-in-law Mike gave me Hingston & Olsen Publishing’s 2019 Short Story Advent Calendar.

This present is as delightful as it sounds and looks. In the box, there are twenty-four short stories labeled from 1 to 24. Each story is sealed, waiting to be broken on the appropriate day by the eager reader. As is described on the Advent Calendar website, “this is a collection of literary, non-religious stories for adults.”

So far my favorites have been “Save-A-Lot” by Anthony Doer; “An Errand in the Country” by Olga Grushin; and “Natural Light” by Kathleen Alcott. In fact, I liked Gushin’s story so well that I have requested her novel The Dream Life of Sukhanov through interlibrary loan, and it might very well be the first book I read in 2020.

Naturally, not all the short stories in the collection have resonated with me, and that is to be expected. But what a treat it is to settle into bed with the story of the day, and this sort of advent calendar is a perfect gift for those who love literary fiction.

Many thanks, Mike and Shannon!

41 thoughts on “A Short Story Advent Calendar”

  1. So much better than 24 chocolates. They must have been delighted when they spotted this – they would have known how much you would appreciate it.

  2. What a perfect gift for you! I remember as a child we had a kid’s book of short stories and poems to read daily in anticipation of the BIG day. We loved it. 🙂

  3. What a thoughtful gift! Twenty-four short stories leave a longer-lasting impression than twenty-four chocolates and some might even improve with a re-telling! Have a very happy Christmas, Laurie!

  4. What a great idea. I’ve never heard of this style of Advent Calendar before. The ordinary ones, with just a window and a picture, were very much a feature of my childhood.

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