A Christmas Surprise

In Maine, December is a dark, cold month. The days are at their shortest—dusk comes at around 4:15—and how lovely it is when the sun sets. A star twinkles in the evening sky. Everywhere, trees with bare branches stand in silhouette, framing the glowing moon as it rises.

December is a perfect month for sparkling lights and surprises, for getting parcels that you don’t expect. One such package came yesterday, from my blogging friend Judy of New England Garden and Thread. Judy’s creativity—her sewing and quilting—is a constant source of inspiration to me. How I enjoy seeing the posts of the various project she makes throughout the year.

And how pleased and surprised I was to receive this lovely gift from Judy.

It has pride of place in the living room, resting against books on a shelf by the couch.

Many, many thanks, Judy! What a wonderful addition to my Christmas decorations.


33 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise”

  1. You are blessed Laurie with the wonderful gift of friendship.
    Getting handcrafted gift is so precious. Judi is definitely very talented in her craft. I willl also check her blog.

  2. It’s amazing how blogs sometimes make friends of strangers! I think that way about people like KerryCan at thosehandsathome.wordpress.com/ — and you!

  3. I’m glad you received it and like it. I love that old red truck and with the dog, it just made me think of you. I have been fortunate to make some special friends out here in the blogging community, and I appreciate each and every one including some commenting or mentioned above. I also owe you a special ‘thank you’ because you go above and beyond by visiting the Master Gardener blog I also do. You are a busy, busy person so I appreciate your taking the time. I hope you and Clif have a marvelous holiday and your new book is hugely successful.

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