43 thoughts on “Cold”

  1. We’ve also been unseasonably below freezing. I came in today and my husband asked me if it was still “bitter” out there. I said, no, it was a relatively balmy 31. Oh, I forgot, to him that’s still bitter. The difference between someone raised in Ohio and a native Texan!

  2. At 9:45am, it’s 16 degrees and gusting wind! Not an outside kind of day for me, not even for picture taking!😀 Brrrr!!

  3. How beautiful the curls of frost are on the window – like a designer’s design with acanthus leaves – but I wish you had some sunshine to warm you at the moment. Sometimes nature seems all too in tune with our feelings.

  4. I was getting my centigrades and fahrenheits and didn’t realise it was minus 10 at first. Your lovely snow and ice photos should have given me a clue. Our snow is still up on the peaks and long may it stay there and not drop down to our level.

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