Twisted Sisters

On Saturday and Sunday, Clif and I took our books and prints to a craft fair sponsored by the Friends of the Wells Public Library. Wells, Maine, is quite a distance from where we live in central Maine, but this craft fair is well worth the trip. We went last year and sold lots of books. While we didn’t sell quite as many books this year, we sold enough so that we were satisfied.

One of the pleasures of going to various craft fairs is meeting and talking to the other vendors. Last year we were across from these three charming, lively women who have dubbed themselves “Twisted Sisters.” Their business card describes them as “Three Sisters Practicing Old Crafts.” This year, we were again lucky enough to be across from the Twisted Sisters. Aren’t those aprons snappy? I heard one customer ask if the aprons were for sale. Unfortunately, they were not.

From left to right: Cynthia Hatfield, Cheryl Pomerleau, and Dianne Pomeroy -Hathorn

Here are some of the lovely items from Cynthia’s table,

Cheryl’s table,

and Dianne’s table.

During the two days of the craft fair, lots of fairgoers clustered around the three booths, and I expect many lucky people will be getting Christmas presents handcrafted by the Twisted Sisters.  (I, too, bought something for a special friend.)

The Twisted Sisters don’t have a website, but this time of year they pop up at various fairs in Maine. If you should come across the Twisted Sisters, don’t hesitate to  buy a wonderful handcrafted item from these sisters who practice the old crafts.

Sure beats anything you could find in a big box store.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trio. Loved the rolled neck sweater on Cynthia’s table. I really should take up knitting again now that the cool season ahead will afford me a lot more time.

  2. It’s always lovely to see the creations of “real” crafters.
    I’m sorry I haven’t commented for a while… somehow my blog reading has lapsed recently. Anyway, it’s good to hear that you are making sales – I hope volume 2 is matching volume 1 sales..

  3. I love the Twisted Sisters craft stall, we have a similar one close by. You can’t beat a knitted toy for a child. I bought my granddaughter a knitted ice-cream which she loved and waved about when she was a baby!

  4. Cheryl Pomerleau one of the Twisted Sisters I am the one in the middle. We love what we do and well also do it so when can get together. We also take orders if you see something you like. So thank you for all the wonderful comments and thank you Laurie for Honoring us on your Blog. We really enjoyed meeting you and having a chance to visit with you both

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! My pleasure to feature the three of you on my blog. Wonderful to be across from you. What a lovely energy you all have.

  5. Immediately the heavy metal band ‘Twisted Sister’ came to my mind which couldn’t be an image much further away than that trio of lovely, cosy looking ladies in their aprons.
    I have two sisters but don’t see them very often at all and I was thinking about how lovely it would be to have a family who make things together and attend shows such as this one. Only briefly though because I know we’d probably only last a couple of hours in each other’s company before one of us would upset one or both of the others and that would be that. Anyway, I’m the only one who makes things so that little dream will never come to fruition.
    I did think Cheryl had a pizza for sale on her table at first🤣 but I’ll bet Cynthia’s little roll neck jumper sold very quickly.

  6. The green sweater on Dianne’s table caught my eye and the little santas. Hope your book sales are going well!

  7. Glad to see this side of Wells, Maine. My family has an ancient connection with the town but I know nothing about it although I have taken a picture of the railroad sign.

    1. Actually, I don’t know much about Wells either. We live 92 miles away, and except for the craft fair, we don’t usually travel that far. Homebodies are we. 😉

  8. While I know of the musical group, the first thing “twisted sisters” brings to my mind is a loop of three ranch roads in Texas that range up and over some mountainous hills. They’re known as the best motorcycle ride in the state, with lots of elevation changes and hairpin turns, and they can be crowded in good autumn or spring weather. It’s one of my favorite drives, too, but I stick to the flatlands on weekends when I’m in the area. There are lots of videos, but this is a nice one. If you click in at about 3:00, you can watch just a minute or two for a glimpse of the country, but it ‘s well done, and I enjoyed the whole thing.

    I enjoyed meeting your Twisted Sisters, too. When individuals or groups produce quality work like this, it’s a pleasure to buy from them — whether I “need” what they’re offering or not! There’s no question I’d have come away with some of those cute pumpkins, and who knows what else!

    1. Somehow your link didn’t come through. As for the Twisted Sisters…I was taken by their creativity and their loving energy. One of the sisters lives three hours away, but she regularly joins them so that they can craft together. How cool is that?

  9. How nice of you to advertise for the Twisted Sisters, Laurie. The craft fair sounds like a fun event, and I am glad you and sold some books and prints, even if not as many as you had hoped.

  10. Does anyone have an email address or mailing address for Cynthia Hatfield? She was a teacher of mine growing up and I would so love to get in contact with her! I greatly appreciate any help. ❤️

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