32 thoughts on “Reprise: Everything’s Coming up Hostas”

  1. I have hosta envy.
    I am trying them again – in pots though – on our terrace. I am like a woman possessed with them – checking for slug/snail damage and making sure they are shaded from too much sun.
    Maybe one day they will grow up to be like yours.🌱

    1. You would love my front garden. It is hosta central. With dry shade, I don’t have much choice. But in the category of “we always want what we don’t have.,” I long for a cottage garden bursting with colorful blooms. 😉 Anyway, good luck with your hostas.

  2. D > J and I love hostas! Unfortunately, so do the slugs. We have a hedgehog who volunteers help in the garden, but I think we’d need an army of hedgehogs to keep pace with the slugs. Your hostas look perfect – Grrr!

    1. How sweet it must be to have hedgehogs in the garden. Alas, as summer progress the slugs and snails will come marching in and do their worst. I’ll post pictures of how the hostas look by summer’s end.

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