Now, Now, Now!

A mere month ago, Snow-Gauge Clif’s job was not done. Here he is, with his trusty yardstick, at the beginning of April. Still a fair amount of snow, even though the yard, garden, and patio were beginning to emerge.

Here we are now, now, now in the lovely month of May!

And there is more beauty to come.

34 thoughts on “Now, Now, Now!”

  1. Here’s to that! The red bird (a cardinal?) might have hoped for some camouflage in the leaves but didn’t account for the blue sky and the brightness of its breast.

  2. I am always amazed to see the changes in your garden after so much snow… enjoy the emerging warmth.🌞😀

      1. I can well imagine. I’ve realized since blogging how incredibly spoiled we are living in California (at least with the weather). I was born in London, Ontario, Canada and remember the bitter winters. My dad was the family gardener, and I can appreciate now more than ever, what he accomplished during those brief summer months.

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