27 thoughts on “May Day, May Day: Time to Dance!”

  1. You pagan! It is also St. Joseph of Worker (aka carpenter) day of remembrance, though that was only officially established in 1955 in order to try to co-opt the communist Day of the Worker celebrations/propoganda. I’ll dance around a tree instead. – Oscar

  2. Love that Safety Dance video. My youngest daughter had lots of long blonde hair that she didn’t like to brush. She was also quite carefree. I used to show her this video and tell her she was like that wacky blonde.

  3. Haha! This song immediately popped into my mind as i read your blog post title in my emails so, when I opened it and saw you’d linked to the video, it was just a little bit spooky.

  4. Happy to see recognition of the traditional May Day, which we still celebrate in our family. This year, however, only one grandchild left flowers, rang a neighbor’s doorbell, and ran.

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