Enter March and the Return of Snow-Gauge Clif

Today, I flipped the calendar from February to March, and I said in a grumbling voice, “Oh, boy! Here it comes.”

Long-time readers might recall how much I hate the month of March, and I know many, if not most, Mainers feel the same way. March—damp, muddy, and soggy—is such a miserable month in Maine that it deserves to be labeled a season unto itself. Potholes the size of the Grand Canyon open in our roads, and yesterday I almost lost the car in one not far from our mailbox. (Yay for the Winthrop road crew, who bravely came this morning to fill the hole. I don’t think any of the crew disappeared, never to be found.) Little kids lose their boots in the mud. Adults walk hunched over, waiting for spring. Dear blogging friends, if ever you decide to come to Maine, do not come in March.

For those who have birthdays in this month, thank goodness for you all. I salute you, even though you didn’t have any choice in the matter. You are the bright points in otherwise dismal month.

In anticipation of the March blues, I have filled the month with interesting activities—a concert, a lecture, a movie, a friend over for pizza, See’s chocolates, and—ta, dah!—an anniversary outing. Yes, Clif and I got married in the not-so-lovely month of March. What can I say?Β  We were both college students and getting married on our spring break seemed like the thing to do. It was the 1970s. We were more casual back then.

This first day of March brings the return of Snow-gauge Clif, who will be making weekly appearances until all the snow is gone, probably sometime in mid-April. He was such a hit last year, that we decided to bring him back.

Here is snow-gauge Clif in the front yard.

And here he is in the backyard.

Will there be more snowstorms this March? Does New York City have the best pizza? You bet there will, and one is slated for Sunday and Monday, eight inches of wet, heavy snow.

Until then, bring on the chocolates, bring on the movies!

48 thoughts on “Enter March and the Return of Snow-Gauge Clif”

  1. So happy to see the return of snow-gauge Clif here Laurie! πŸ˜€ Here’s wishing you a lovely March filled with chocolate and great movies πŸ€—πŸ’– 🍫 xxx

  2. I enjoy the snow-gauge Clif series, but it definitely doesn’t seem fair that more snow is already on its way! It’s been such a strange winter that I’m really hoping Mother Nature is a little more cooperative than usual this March. Sounds like a fabulous month of events to improve the mood and look forward to reading about them.πŸ™‚

  3. Always good to see the Clif snow gauge in action, and a good barometer for us on just how much snow you have. Our awful month is February, it is so hot it is not fun going anywhere, but I think you Mainers have it harder.

    1. Extreme heat is no better than extreme cold. In fact, we Mainers are used to snow and cold. It’s just that by March, we are heartily sick of it. Anyway, hope cooler weather is coming your way.

  4. March can be brutal. We often have a last snow or ice storm in March, just when you’ve made it through February and want a reward. Your outings sound fabulous. We’re in for wintry mix and then it’s supposed to turn horribly cold. Ugh. Well, my horribly cold is probably not yours. Teens as highs during the day. But I do have good winter clothes, so will survive. Enjoy watching the snow melt, even if it’s slow.

    1. Will do! No melting yet. πŸ˜‰ In fact, we are having a little snowstorm to add to the fun with extreme cold coming in for the rest of the week. Stay warm!

  5. March is always such a disappointment. It *sounds* like spring and it simply never is. We often get the biggest snow of the year in March. And, yes, the pothole seem unusually bad this year. You’re smart to have plans for fun–things to look forward to. And happy anniversary!

  6. I am so pleased to see snow-gauge Clif again! I hope you manage to enjoy your planned treats during March and that the wet and mud is not so bothersome as usual.
    Our weather is cooler and much windier than February – typical March!

  7. Clif is looking grand – love the sweater. I have taken to calling it mud season, as well. But I just like to moan a little. I know you actually suffer with it.

    1. The sweater is a yard sale find of many years ago. Still looking good, I think, and nice and warm. Yes, we do suffer through mud season. And moan a lot, too. πŸ˜‰

  8. Yes to chocolate and movies. Boo-hoo to a cold, wet and slushy March. We’re usually cool and damp in March, but it’s such a mild version of what everyone else in the country experiences. We love rain since we get so little of it…maybe 15 inches a year. I hope April is here in no time to warm you up and to cheer your spirit. Meanwhile, back to the chocolate. xo

  9. We got married in October. Let’s face it, what else can you do in a miserable month like that? At least we didn’t waste a nice day in summer.

    Not suggesting you selected March for the same reason of course…

    1. Great point! For some reason, I didn’t realize October was miserable in England. Rainy? In Maine, Octber can be rainy but with the changing leaves, it is also glorious.

    1. Also, I think it depends on where you live. In some parts of the country, March is a delightful month that signals the arrival of spring. In Maine, which north of north, not so much.

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