My Love of the Little Things in My House

Confession time: I am someone who loves little things—call them knickknacks, tchotchkes, whatever—and my house is filled with them. They make me feel cozy, and not surprisingly I think the sparse, modern style is cold and uncomfortable. Everywhere I look in my house, there is something that makes me smile, and here is a small sample of what’s tucked in various rooms.

There is a lovely blue wall ornament that my blogging friend Shari made and sent to me.

A little wolf given to me by my friend Beth.

A handmade glass ornament given to me by mother, who has been dead for ten years. Whenever I look at it, I think of her.

A glass bluebird, given to me by my son-in-law, Mike, sitting in a woven basket given to me by my friend Judy.

A pottery bowl, with my favorite shape—the spiral—given to me by my daughter Dee.

There is a pattern here, I know. These little things were given to me by other people, and they were chosen thoughtfully.  All of them are handmade by somebody, if not the person giving me the gift, and this is true of many of the little things I have tucked here and there.

Time for some qualifications. I understand a dirty, cluttered home can feel as uncomfortable as a sparse one. I also understand that there can too much of a good thing, and in fact, nowadays, I hardly ever bring in anything to add to my collection of little things. Finally, I  understand that from an environmental point of view, buying too much stuff is not good at all.

But bucking the current trend of decluttering, I will not be getting rid of my little things—which bring me so much pleasure—anytime soon.




40 thoughts on “My Love of the Little Things in My House”

  1. I agree with you, Laurie. I have all kinds of meaningful little things around, mostly up in my studio area. Every time I try to get rid of them, I think of the people or places of which they remind me, and I just enjoy them!

  2. What a nice collection of things that give you pleasure–and I can see why. The bowl made me smile and the others are very appealing as well. Everybody (well almost) needs some little things that give pleasure and make you think of other people. Thanks for showing them to us!

  3. Oh, I’m with you, Laurie. One of my favorite decorations is a heart shaped poem written and decorated by my niece many years ago. If it warms my heart to see it – it’s staying!

  4. Like you, I love having little things around me! I have collections of teapots, 🐖pigs, 👼 angels, and 🎅 Santas. Also a little pigtailed girl figurine I bought on our trip to Sweden. They are in every room and outside in summer, placed in the gardens. Such a joy!

    1. I am very careful about what I bring into the house. Basically, the only little things that come in are gifts from family and friends. Although this year I did buy that adorable handmade felt Santa ornament. 😉

  5. Yes I love hand made gifts from friends and family… and also plants given to me.. My sister-in-law gave me an lovely rose when my mother died, and whenever it flowers I think of both of them.😀💐

  6. Very wise. I love them all! An appreciation of small treasures or luxuries (in my case, good bread or a warm pie) is one of the best blessings.

  7. It’s the little sentimental objects that are so appealing, and that make a house really your home, I think. I’m with you on this.

  8. I am with you. I love handcrafted and items that evoke memories. I have some from our wedding 41 years ago. I enjoy them as much as I did then. You have a special knack for finding just the right place for your treasures which adds to the coziness and beauty of your home.

  9. Our home is our own nest and an opportunity to surround ourselves with what makes us happy. I love your things and the stories they tell. I love this post because I am a gatherer and I have cases and cupboards full of little things given to me by others or from family. I have become very sentimental since I have lost 2 very dear dear friends and my precious mother and only sister to cancer in the past few years. My things are reminders of our love and shared times together. I will never live in a model home but like my funny little cottage full of whimsy.

    1. Betsy, I am with you all the way. I do understand how too much clutter can make a house feel uninviting, but a funny little cottage full of whimsy sounds like my kind of place.

  10. D > I like simplicity, but I also like to have things that are useful, beautiful, or meaningful – or best of all – all three! We have ornaments, some of which have been passed down generations, others we will not impose on our children, but if they like them … I like your defiance in the face of the fashionistas!

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