And the Winner of Library Lost Is…

Sheryl of the snappy blog, Flowery Prose! Congratulations, Sheryl, and click here to go to my contact form, where you can you send me your mailing address. As soon as I get your address, Library Lost will be on its way.

Thanks to all who entered. I had such fun with this and received entries near and far. (Across the world, even.)

As Stan Lee would have said, “Excelsior!”

17 thoughts on “And the Winner of Library Lost Is…”

  1. How absolutely exciting for me to read your post this evening and find out that I have won a copy of Library Lost!! I’m thrilled! Thank you so very much, Laurie – I’m so eager to read it!

  2. I had a wonderful surprise when I opened my mailbox this afternoon – your book has arrived in Calgary! I’m so excited; this will be such a great treat for me over the holidays. Thank you so much, Laurie!

  3. Yikes… Laurie you could not have better written this… I am in Rhode Island visiting Linda’s family. I have the luxury of reading the local paper while here. Today’s headline ran, “Town served with lawsuit over library”. Oh, my…. a must-read.

    Does this should familiar:

    The owner of a building, which used to house a grocery store, arranged with the town counsel to sell the building a discount ($2.8m) under the conditions that it be used as a new library building, and the owner be issued a maintenance contract for a certain number of years. The deal was done, voted on (counsel and citizens, I believe), and paid for.

    After an election which brought in a new mayor/town council, a new deal was voted on (council only, not citizens) to re-sell the property to an out of state developer to build a food market (with a variety of vendors) for $3m, with the town financing $1.3m of the deal. No library in the plan.

    Now the Friends of the Library are not so friendly with the new town council. They are filing a lawsuit to prevent the re-sale under breach of contract (prior commitment to the prior owners who gave the town a discounted price) as well as violation of town financial rules which prevent financing projects above a certain percentage of the annual income…

    I could not figure out from the article where the current library is located or whether they are boxing up the books and spiriting them off to some undisclosed location.

    Sound like a familiar plot device? – Oscar

      1. Our local library in WV recently completed a million dollar renovation (took over the adjoining section of the building) thanks to a legacy donation of one of its founders & advocates. On the other hand, the rural branch, which used to be housed at the school, got put into storage when the school took over the space with a renovation and the various factions have been squabbling over where to place to collections (like you could not integrate it into the school library and encourage community interactions with the students? Our school are becoming prisons — look at the architectures, can you tell the difference between a recently built prison and renovated school?) Oh, am I expressing radical opinions again?

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