17 thoughts on “Snowy Day on the Narrows”

  1. Beautiful snowy day captures Laurie, I love the splashes of colour from the last oak leaves and the lantern’s lovely new hat! 🙂💖⛄xxx

      1. So true! But then again, I wouldn’t live here if I didn’t like winter. There are plenty of places in the U.S. that don’t have the winters we have. But many of them have other challenges—extreme heat for long periods of time, hurricanes, fires, water shortages. When stacked against these things, winter doesn’t seem so bad.

  2. I love your photography. I have never really experienced how all that white pares down a landscape to new shapes and softer colors. We have foxglove, delphiniums, hydrangea, Mexican sage and lavender blooming in my back yard… a very different landscape but we are promised rain tonight and tomorrow always so needed. Stay warm and safe in your winter world!

    1. Betsy, many thanks! I love the look of winter, the pared-down beauty of it all. Also the light, when it’s not snowing, is so crisp and clear. Your backyard sounds like a glory to me. Hope you get the rain soon.

  3. You’ve done a great job of showing us the beauty of winter in your photos… I love the little bits of colours in the photos.
    Keep warm 😀⛅️❄️

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