More Birthday Brouhaha

As I have written in the past, our philosophy is to celebrate early and celebrate often. Along with escaping Hurricane Florence, Shannon and Mike had timed their trip north to coincide with my birthday, which was yesterday. Since Clif’s birthday is a week from now, we figured a double celebration was in order.

Yesterday was a sunny day—not too hot, not too humid—so off we went to the Red Barn for seafood and chicken. I, of course, had a lobster roll. Utterly delicious, with just a touch of mayonnaise to hold the lobster together.

Then, for dessert, a whoopie pie.

After lunch, it was onward to Waterville to see the new waterfront park by the Kennebec River. Since the late 1960s, when in a fit of urban renewal all the buildings were torn down, a piece of land off Front Street had been empty and pretty much neglected. Not anymore. How spiffy and lovely it looks.

We walked across the Two Cent Bridge, a suspension bridge that connects Waterville to Winslow. Time was when walkers had to pay a two-cent toll to cross the bridge, but that time has passed.

For no fee at all, we went across the bridge, where I took a picture of Shannon and Mike.

Here’s a shot down the blue, blue Kennebec River, toward the Hathaway Mill, which no longer produces shirts and is instead used for businesses and apartments. (You can’t really see the Hathaway in this picture, but it is on the right past the bridge.)

And here’s a shot up the river. On the right is the old Scott Paper Company, which looks deserted. So many factories closed, and while they polluted the Kennebec River, they also provided good-paying jobs. So far, nothing has come to take their place and lift the area’s economy.

But it was too fine a day to brood on a stalled economy. (I’ll save that for another day.) After walking across the bridge and along the river, we went to Cancun, a Mexican restaurant in Waterville, and had drinks at a table on the sidewalk.

Happy birthday to us!

30 thoughts on “More Birthday Brouhaha”

  1. I’ll be joining the birthday events on the 30th. I’ll be spending that time in Orlando with Alicia and her family. Wishing you and Clif a happy week!

  2. Lobster rolls! I love ’em. They are not common in Pennsylvania, where I live. But they are on Cape Cod, where I spend a bit of time each year. One of my favorite foods.

    Till next time, Laurie.

  3. Happy birthday to you both, nice to celebrate with family. Interesting about factories closed, and no jobs, we notice this on our travels, no jobs for young people means trouble…but enjoy your birthday, lovely part of the world you live in.

  4. Shannon and Mike are looking well. It sounds like a wonderful visit. Happy birthday to the both of you!

  5. Happy Birthday to you both and what fine weather for celebrating!
    Shannon and Mike are probably happy to have this weather rather than what’s happening down south. Any news regarding their home after the storm?

  6. Belated Birthday greetings to you, also happy birthday to Cliff for next week. Hope Shannon and Mike have escaped the flooding, it’s not looking too good on the TV news, those poor homes.

  7. Happy birthday to youse! (Canadian expression less common than ‘eh’.)
    Sounds like a marvellous time was had by all! and can you stop with the lobster roll? I get drooly with envy whenever you say you had a lobster roll! Or send one up here to the true north strong and lobsterless!

  8. Happy birthday! In my family we call it a birthday season so we can do extended celebrating! Love to see you and family enjoying local beauty and good food!

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