Kit, Dogs, Sacks, and Kids Have Arrived

Yesterday, ahead of the storm, ahead of the floods, under bright blue skies, the kids—Mike and Shannon—arrived in Maine with the kit—Penny—and the dogs—Holly and Somara. The dogs haven’t been here for two years, but they remembered everything, from the backyard to the the bulkhead down cellar, the main way they go in and out. The dogs have settled in nicely and have also remembered who is the soft touch when it comes to treats. (That would be me.)

Penny, on the other hand, was fairly traumatized when she got here and bolted directly under the bed in the room where Mike and Shannon are staying. However Penny ate and did other things she needed to do. She also came out when Mike and Shannon went to bed.

So everyone is here, and we are loving it.

The doors at the end of the hall are working beautifully. So far, no cat fights. In fact, I don’t think our cats even know there is another cat in the house.

Behind our house, there are trails in the cool, green woods, and this morning Shannon and Mike took Holly and Somara there for a walk, where they could both run off-leash. Here they are coming back from their romp.

And here are Holly and Somara resting  in my room as I write. Shannon and Mike have gone to visit a friend, and we are dog sitting.

I must admit I am in seventh heaven to have two dogs in the house.


32 thoughts on “Kit, Dogs, Sacks, and Kids Have Arrived”

  1. Glad they’re being good girls while we’re out and about!! They love their grandparents soooo much!!

  2. Aw, I know you miss your own little buddy. Glad the pups make you happy. An I know you are thrilled to have the kids around.

    “The dogs haven’t been here for two years, but they remembered everything.” I believe that. They have a way of noticing everything.

    Glad the kit has done her necessary business in the proper places; if that keeps up you are golden.

  3. So happy they are all safely with you Laurie. I am sure Penny will feel more confident and at home as time goes by. Holly and Somara look adorable and so comfy. Please give all the fur babies a big pat from us all and enjoy your time together!🙂💖🐕 xxx

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