Steampunk in Kennebunk

On Saturday, Clif and I headed to southern Maine, to Kennebunk, to set up our wares at a Steampunk Fair sponsored by the Brick Store Museum. The weather was not with us, and it poured midmorning. Fortunately, indoor provisions at the town hall were made for the vendors, and we were dry if a little warm—there was no air conditioning in the auditorium.

But never fear! Fans were on sale and were a big hit.

And even those without fans seemed perfectly happy.

But this deep sea diver must have been oh so hot.

Along with our books, there were other nifty things for sale. Among them were sweet little pins by Miss & Niff’s Trinkets and Treasures,

as well as funky lamps by Light- Q  Creations.

What a good day we  had being with these quirky, creative people. While the rain kept some folks away, we sold enough books to make the trip worthwhile.

Next year, we will return.

23 thoughts on “Steampunk in Kennebunk”

  1. That poor person in that bathyscape thing! I hope s/he survived and did well. Good for you for being able to be indoors at least–

    1. He did survive but was very sweaty. Lucky for us, he wasn’t too hot to buy a book.

  2. The Steampunk Fair looks like a lot of fun… And how nice to be able to sell some books and look at all the colour and movement around you!

  3. It looks like the weather put the steam in steampunk! Outdoor craft shows in the summer are so dicey–glad yours was fun!

  4. It definitely looks like the rain and heat did not stop the fun or shopping! I liked the pins and funky lamp and congratulations on a successful trip and plans for a return visit next year!

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