Welcome to the Jungle

Hot and humid. Humid and hot. This was the theme of July,  and so far,  August is following suit. Clif and I can only look back wistfully to the days when Maine summers were delightful—not too hot, not too humid.

The plants, on the other hand, thrive in the humidity, and my little herb garden, with the cucumbers and tomatoes tucked in, has exploded into a jungle.

Mint has a bad reputation for hogging a garden, and while it often does grow where it doesn’t belong, mint has nothing on oregano, which is so out of control that I hardly know how to contain it.

Here is the mint, more or less confined to one corner of the bed.

Now behold the oregano. At night, I am certain that I can hear it call, “Feed me, Laurie!”

Fortunately, there is room for wee, delicious cucumbers,

as well as wee tomatoes that I hope will be delicious.

As a bonus picture, here is Clif by the tomatoes, so that readers can appreciate just how out of control this garden is. (I know. I know. I should prune. Somehow, I just can’t bring myself to do it.)

Finally, to borrow from one of my blogging friends and her blog CIMPLE, here’s a little something to start the weekend.


22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. Though the plants are loving it, I’m not so enthused! The excessive heat worldwide across the entire northern hemisphere is disturbing. Not one to wish away summer, thoughts of fall are starting to creep into my mind all the same. One gets tired of feeling like a damp rag!
    Stay cool this weekend!

  2. 50 years ago when I grew up on the coast of Southeastern CT I didn’t know anyone with a/c. Didn’t need it. We had some humid days here and there but not constantly like now both here in MA and CT. Climate change is real.I can’t imagine functioning now without our bedroom unit as a cool oasis. Summer is no longer my favorite season. My perennial flowers and bushes love it too like yours! Maybe partly because it is too humid for me to go out and mess around with them!

  3. Wow, lovely to see the cucumbers, tomatoes, oregano and mint thrive like this! I hope the weather will turn more comfortable soon and wish you both a wonderful weekend 🙂💖 xxx

  4. We have had so much rain, my tomatoes have blight, curled brown leaves, and blossom end rot. I may be able to ‘control’ when I water, but Mother Nature has her own schedule. I could have skipped my veggie garden this year and just gone to a farmers’ market. 🙂 I work outside every morning, but some days are tougher than others. I shoveled chips this morning from three stumps being ground down yesterday, and the sweat was like there was a faucet on the top of my hat. The humidity was 100% and the sun was shining. Way too hot – more like Houston.

  5. Your jungle garden looks fabulous and I was so excited to see the link to this great song to kick off the weekend!😁🎸 After all these years, I still blast this song whenever I hear it. We have another heat wave for the weekend and I’ve already given up on the weather for August. My yard has suffered from the weather conditions this year and it was so lovely to see how wonderful your yard has survived.🙂

    1. We live in the woods, so I think the heat doesn’t bother the plants as much. But it has been so hot and humid here. We are seriously considering getting an air conditioner.

  6. I’m glad your plants are happy with the weather because it sure as heck doesn’t appeal to me! I want crisp autumn breezes, college football on TV, and the sound of Canada geese!

  7. I am with Judy. I was dusting furniture yesterday and sweat was rolling down! The different shades of green in your garden are lovely and the picture of Clif with the tomato is a hoot.

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