Too Hot, Too Hot

Right now it is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Time seems to have slowed to the point where I can actually feel the seconds pass one by one. My energy level is so low that all I can do is lie on the couch and wait for the backyard to be in shade so that I can go outside. Too hot, too hot.


27 thoughts on “Too Hot, Too Hot”

    1. No window unit, hence the couch. Usually we are just fine, but we might be getting a
      window unit if this trend continues.

  1. So glad that circumstances made Michael and I change our travel plans from this week to September! Would have been very annoyed to come up to Maine and have it be hotter than NC! πŸ˜› Hang in there – it’s going to start cooling down for you tomorrow it looks like – only a high of 79 and dropping down to 50s overnight.

  2. Oh dear Laurie! We are having a lovely breeze here that brings us relief and we will send some your way – hope it cools down soon! πŸ™‚πŸ’– xxx

  3. My goal of going outdoors with the camera every day has failed during this heatwave and I don’t recall the last week like this that kept me indoors this much. We will be so happy tomorrow when it ends!!😁

    1. Only in recent years has it been this hot so early. Typically, we got a few blistering days the end of July, and that was it. Now, all bets are off. The world is definitely heating up.

    1. We are seriously considering getting an air conditioner for the living room next year. Heard a piece on NPR about seniors dying from extreme heat, and Clif and I are definitely heading toward our senior years.

      1. John and I are the same. We’ve talked about getting one for the bedroom. It would also mask some of the noise from the tractor trailer trucks going by our house in the early morning!

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