The Better Angels of Our Nature

Right now, in this country, the better angels of our nature appear to have fled. I know our country has gone through worse times, but never in my own memory have we ripped children from their parents and put them in cages. It’s gotten to the point where I hardly know how to respond anymore, which I suppose is a sort of victory to those who hate, holler, and rage against those who are a different color. Who are seeking asylum.  Who are poor. Who are struggling with addiction. Who are mentally ill. Who don’t fit into the narrow confines of what is acceptable to a small but vocal group.

Compassion and generosity, two humble virtues, seem to be in short supply right now in a country that has become addicted to anger. I’ve seen this anger first hand in Maine, and I have certainly seen it on TV, all the way to the highest office in the land. Where will it lead? When will it end? While anger is a human emotion, left unchecked it can be very destructive. This is true even when the anger is “righteous,” which is why so many revolutions become blood baths.

This is all a preamble to writing about our nation’s birthday, a national holiday and celebrated tomorrow on July 4. We are having a few friends over for Clif’s legendary grilled bread—and other goodies—but neither of us is exactly in a hip, hip, hooray kind of mood.

The lovely lady in New York Harbor, who has welcomed so many, is surely filled with sorrow and shame.

But after all, a birthday is a birthday. So happy birthday, United States. Here’s to better times. May they come soon.

39 thoughts on “The Better Angels of Our Nature”

  1. It is a situation so horrific that it is almost beyond words yet we have to find the words. Thank you for writing about it. Nazis, slave owners, people who ran Japanese internment camps… and now this? I think the Statue of Liberty is shedding tears.

  2. Try to have a good time even through this hard time. By the way, that iris you photographed was dead and gone the next morning. You captured it just in time!

    1. We will! And you can be sure we will try to solve the world’s problems with our friends.

  3. It’s troubling times not only in the USA but in other nations too. Intolerant and hateful people are loud and out in the open. They’ve gained confidence from bums like Trump.

    Anyway, enjoy the holiday, Laurie. I’ll catch a fireworks display tomorrow night if it isn’t raining.

  4. Thanks for expressing so eloquently how heart heavy many of us are on this July 4th. It is hard to comprehend the anger and hatred towards those most vulnerable and also the ugliness expressed to people who try to compassionately defend the ones targeted. I’m glad you will have kindred spirits to share the holiday with and know that all across this beautiful country others share your very valid concerns!❤

  5. It is a very difficult time world wide at the moment … but enjoy your beautiful country with your friends on the 4th July.. hope for better times for all.. 🌞

  6. Good for you for stating this case so eloquently and forcefully. I am approaching this July 4th with a focus on “independence”–from the tyranny of tiny minds and hypocrisy.

  7. May the better times come soon Laurie, with a focus on peace for all :o) xxx

    1. I sure hope so. As far as I’m concerned, they can’t come soon enough.

    1. Thanks so much, Susan. I don’t write about politics often, but sometimes I feel
      that I must.

  8. Troubling times indeed in every corner of the World.
    Humans are so clever and so dumb – the things we do to one another astounds me. We seem such a hideously primitive species.
    Blog land is a great comfort – I have only met wonderfully creative, caring, sharing, conscious beings here.
    Perhaps our loving networking will save humankind ……. do you think???? ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I am with you all the way about blog land. I
      like to think that we are making the world
      a better place. In fact, I think we are.

    1. We did have a good day despite being discouraged by all that is going on in this

    1. You got that exactly right. I am broken-hearted about the direction this country has taken. I am hoping the 2018 will be the turning of the tide. But it’s frightening how many people think Trump is doing a good job.

  9. So often lately I wake up and turn on the news and I’m more discouraged than the day before. I completely understand the lack of a hip, hip, hooray mood, but hope you did solve some of the world’s problems with your friends and enjoyed your day.

  10. Recently a relative posted several “facts” which my sources say are false. What to do? I just couldn’t let it go by. I recommended, “Please check your sources. I know it won’t make a difference, but it is hard to remain silent. A bright spot in Maine is that some of our legislators are working to increase civility in government. A ray of hope.

    1. Whenever my father heard anyone say something that sounded dubious, he would always say, “Prove it.” So maybe the burden of proof should be on those who post “facts.” This is a long way of saying that you were right to recommend that the sources be checked.

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