Five for Friday: Storm Quinn

I know. Today is Thursday, which means I’m one day early with my Five for Friday. But Storm Quinn arrived last night, a little later than expected, and he has thrown our schedules off kilter.

Yesterday, we spent a good part of the day getting ready for Storm Quinn. In the evening, Clif fretted about us losing our power, and he got up in the middle of the night to put wood in the furnace. Not knowing this, I got up early to tend the furnace, and I was mighty grateful to see a nice bed of coals. Then, before breakfast, Clif and I had to clean the steps, driveway, and walkway so that Liam could do his business.

All in all, a hectic morning. Nevertheless, I still found time to take some pictures, and I found five worth sharing. “Why wait for tomorrow?” I asked myself. “Why not share them today, while Storm Quinn is still news?” Hence Five for Friday on Thursday.

But before I share the snowy pictures, I’ll provide a brief weather report for Winthrop, Maine. We got about a foot of snow—not too heavy—and hardly any wind. Really, for us, it has been an average snowstorm. Thus far, we haven’t lost our power, and I am cautiously optimistic that we won’t. As has been the case with so many storms, southern coastal Maine got hit the hardest with wind, and there are thousands of people in that part of the state without power.

Also, I understand that New Jersey and parts of New York got walloped with too much heavy snow and power outages. Sigh. I hope the sun comes out and melts away the snow. And I certainly hope that people get their power back soon.

Here are my five snowy-day pictures from our early-morning clean-up.

Clif, of course, was out with Little Green.

Liam explored his reduced kingdom.

Gideon, our little guardian of the backyard, has been pushed sideways. He looks unhappy, don’t you think?

Our feathered friends, understandably hungry, flocked to the feeder.

Finally, my clothesline is waiting for spring.

And so am I!



50 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Storm Quinn”

  1. Glad that Storm Quinn wasn’t as bad as expected for you and Dad!! Here’s to Spring coming soon!!

    1. Just think, last week it was fifty degrees and we went out for ice cream with Claire and Mary Jane.

  2. Great photos. I think we ended up with over a foot and quite heavy. We have a lot of drifting and in some places it is much higher. It is still coming down so we haven’t done much more than shovel a path and get the heavy stuff off the porch.

    1. Oh, you’re most welcome. Snow is beautiful, if not entirely welcome in March. However, it is a rare March in Maine when we don’t get at least one storm like this. We, too, are glad the storm wasn’t as bad for us as it was for some folks on the East Coast.

  3. I’m glad it wasn’t a big deal for you. I don’t watch news, so did not know that they had made up a name for this one.

    I just had a nice hippie plumber over to fix the furnace, which eventually did bad leaking-onto-electric-wires thing, so now3 as long as the water stays on, we can have a bit of heat, so that’s good. They still have not found the huge leak in the water system, but got some folks from Boston or somewhere to explore. A couple of black wires are down across the street but I repirted that, so things should be fine. Good luck to everyone!

  4. So glad to hear it turned out to be an average snow storm for you. Gideon looks as if he has been busy guarding you all! Hope you continue to ride this one out gently and that the sun will come out again soon 💜🌞 xxx

  5. March is a month of contrasts. Looks like there will be a few more before we are done. Taking care of the water table. 😉
    In that warm spell last week I got a few loads out on the line. Fresh sheets are so yummy!

    1. Sure is a month of contrasts. Oh, I envy you being able to hang your laundry outside. Because we live in the woods, April is the earliest I can put laundry on the line. Nothing like fresh sheets!

  6. At 4:15 pm, we’re just now plowing out. It’s still snowing! In a few weeks, it will all be gone, and the bulbs will be blooming. Keep the faith!

    1. So it will! It’s amazing how fast it all goes when warmer weather comes.

    1. Greetings from Maine! Hope you stayed warm and snug and that you didn’t lose your power.

      1. Why thank you Laurie. We didn’t lose power but other places did. Still more snow to come later today and Saturday, so fingers crossed we wouldn’t. I hope you are well, happy and healthy as this reaches you . Take care. I enjoy your post. 🙂

      2. Thanks! I just started following your blog. Look forward to reading about life in New Brunswick.

  7. Well the groundhog was right about 6 more weeks of winter! I hope all goes well there and you keep your electricity… We have snow in the mountains which looks lovely to us down in the valley… One of my favorite memories of Maine is all the bits of water here and there as the marsh photo reminded me…

    1. Yes, Maine is blessed with abundant water, and Winthrop, the town where I live, has so many lakes and ponds that at times it feels like we’re an island. I’m exaggerating a little, but we are surrounded by lots of water. Finally, the power did not go out. Yay!!!!!

  8. So glad you haven’t lost power …. Paul is thinking he is very glad he doesn’t have to go out in that snow with a little green machine! And I can see that having an elderly pet adds another degree of difficulty. Hope it all blows over soon.

    1. Winter is a lot of work. Many people have their driveways cleaned by someone who has a big truck with a snowplow. Someday we might do that too. Yes, having a dog, elderly or not, adds more work to the adventure. Believe it or not, both my husband and I love winter, despite the hardships it brings. We’re just a couple of old Mainers. 😉

  9. 15 inches here in Waldo County. As you described, the snow not too heavy ( thank goodness). Looks like the next bit of snow accumulation over the weekend is fizzling out. Typical March in Maine, unpredictable! Glad your stormy day went along with ease!

    1. Haven’t heard about another one, but could be. It’s March in Maine. Our forecast, for the weekend anyway, is mild weather and no snow. We shall see what comes next. 😉

  10. Lovely snowstorm photos and the shot of the birds (I love the bird feeder) and Liam made me smile and the photo of Gideon made me laugh! So glad to hear you made it through the storm with power!

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