A Marsh in March, Plus Getting Ready for the Nor’easter

Today is Wednesday, and on my blog that usually means “Wordless Wednesday,” where just a photo is featured. I had it all planned, with this picture of a marsh, which really needs no words. Such a lovely place, and right off a busy highway, too. You never know where you’re going to find pockets of beauty.

However, we have another storm blowing up the East Coast, a Nor’easter, as we call such a storm. Maine got lucky with the last storm, which veered out to sea and just scraped our coast. But Maine is right in the path of this one—dubbed Storm Quinn—and it’s supposed to hit us tonight, dumping a foot or more of heavy snow, followed by wind. And a foot of heavy snow with wind means…power outages.

So on Friday, I’ll either be back on the computer with pictures of the storm, or I’ll be posting from my phone. (We bought battery back-up chargers for the phones this week, and they are all charged and waiting. What timing!)

At any rate, we are prepared as usual. I made bread yesterday, and Clif went to the store to stock up on other things we might need. Tonight, I’ll fill big pots with water because, as I’ve previously written, in our house, no power means no water.

March certainly marches on. Onward, ho!

44 thoughts on “A Marsh in March, Plus Getting Ready for the Nor’easter”

  1. Fingers crossed your power stays on – or at least doesn’t go out for too long!! Stay warm!

  2. Glad you’re forewarned and prepared. I hope the storm passes without causing too much trouble. A foot in a night sounds quite a lot.

    1. Thanks! It is lot, but nothing we can’t handle. The wind and the heavy wet snow are what we worry about most. If we can keep our power, we can handle most anything.

  3. That marsh is lovely. I am always intrigued by the paths the water takes and the shapes of the snow drifts. Hope the storm is not too bad. I worry about the heavy wet stuff.

  4. The storm fiddled about here in South Jersey until about 2:00 pm today. It has been snowing wildly for 2 hours – no visibility. But not much wind, so I am hopeful we will keep our power. Hope Quinn treats you well, Laurie.

    1. Hope you keep your power too! It seems to me that with the way things have been going with, solar panels are looking more and more attractive. For pretty much everyone, not just Mainers.

      1. You are so right about the solar panels. We always seem to have some repair to attend to, but THAT’s what we should be spending our money on – for so many reasons.

      2. I know! Same here. But as storms increase in intensity, it is something we are are thinking about more and more.

    2. Thursday morning, March 8: I heard the storm hammered New Jersey and I hope you and your husband weathered the storm. And didn’t lose your power!!!!! Stay snug, stay warm. Remember, spring is coming.

      1. Aw, thanks for the warm thoughts. We hunkered down and the power stayed on, so we are thankful for that. And, yes, thoughts of Spring keep the spirits up.

      2. So glad to hear you were warm, snug, and didn’t lose your power. I was thinking about you, that’s for sure!

  5. Thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth ride through the storm πŸ’œπŸ€ž The photograph of the marsh in March is beautiful! πŸ˜ƒ xxx

    1. Many thanks! The snow is not here yet, but a blogging friend in New Hampshire has told me that it’s begun snowing where he lives. So it coming.

    1. Actually, not too bad in central Maine. Worse by the coast. This seems to be the pattern nowadays.

    1. Many thanks! At least it is a slow-moving storm, which gives us plenty of time to get ready.

  6. I’m a bit late with my comment so you might be right in the middle of the storm right now! Good luck and hope you don’t lose power. You do sound very organised. Love your photo by the way…

    1. Right now, we’re on the edge of the storm. As for the power…so far, so good!

    1. We got a foot, too. Not that unusual for Maine. And, the snow wasn’t all that heavy, as predicted, as there hasn’t been much wind. So, double bonus.

      1. Not so much for Maine. Anything up to a foot is considered more or less normal, even in March. πŸ˜‰

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