A Frosting of Snow

Yesterday, for most of the morning, it was spitting snow, as we Mainers like to say. It fell softly on the trees and  the yard.

It frosted our shovel, which we keep handy by the front door.

It frosted the fallen down tip of a branch

and a crow’s beak.

It frosted a beech leaf

and the top of our bird feeder, where this chickadee can stay dry while eating.

Winter can be soft and hard at the same time.

29 thoughts on “A Frosting of Snow”

  1. Such loveliness in photo imagery and the words are winter poetry. So lyrical and mystical in its succinctness and purity… An early valentine to winter’s beauty!

    1. Thanks, Judy. Clif had to use the shovel a little bit, but there wasn’t much snow this time.

    1. Thanks, Kerry. More snow to come on Sunday, and then the dreaded freezing rain. I’ve lost count of how many ice storms we’ve had this winter.

  2. I guess because I don’t have to be IN the cold snow…. It all looks very picturesque to me… Love seeing the chickadee being sheltered while he eats, & the crow with a white tip on his beak .. Hope you don’t have to put up with anything more than “spitting”!

    1. Actually, winter is very beautiful. It is also cold and hard. However, I was born and raised in Maine and have lived here for most of my 60 years. To me, winter feels like a natural progression from fall and then into spring. We got a little more snow, but unfortunately we also got rain, and now the driveway and walkways are glare ice. Time to sprinkle wood ash on them.

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