Resting with a Cat on My Chest, Hoping for an Angel Sitting on My Shoulder

On Sunday evening, this was the scene at our house.

In fact, I wasn’t resting at all but rather reading and commenting on the many blogs I follow. This is always a delight as I can go around the world yet stay on my couch with my cat—the notorious Sherlock,  who certainly knows how to make himself comfortable—and my mug of tea.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it was a merry blur of food, family, friends, and movies. We are a family keen on movies, and we saw two over the holidays—Coco, which we liked very much, and Murder on the Orient Express, a remake that got a resounding “Meh!” from all three of us.

Now it’s onward to Christmas, my favorite holiday. There will be Christmas movies to watch, cards to send, goodies to cook, presents to wrap, gatherings to attend, and twinkling lights to set out.

In Maine as well as elsewhere, December is the darkest month of the year, a good time to ponder the Christmas sentiment “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.” Unfortunately, we are far from this notion, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reflect on it, now and for the rest of the year, too.

And if we can slide in a little “ho-ho-ho,” so much the better.  This Christmas song—“We Need a Little Christmas”—perfectly captures the way many of us in the United States feel right now.

Here is a version by the folks from Glee.

I’m hoping to find that little “angel sitting on my shoulder” sometime soon.

36 thoughts on “Resting with a Cat on My Chest, Hoping for an Angel Sitting on My Shoulder”

  1. I love that photographic look into your world, and that angel is very close to your shoulder.

    I would get a lot more blogging/commenting/reading done if I used a handheld thing like you do as opposed to my office computer. I am listening to Glee as I type this. My daughter and I used to watch it together.

    1. Actually, it’s my phone, and I find it a very handy way to keep up with my correspondences. I liked “Glee” too.

  2. Love that photo. I miss my little kitty, she would lay just so and purrrrr without end.
    I went to see Wonderstruck and thought is was so well done (all without sex and violence – imagine that).
    Now we sail on to Christmas – may all embrace the spirit of goodwill!

  3. The days are certainly getting shorter and what better place to be than in a cosy chair with a cat on your shoulder!
    ‘Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, good wishes sent to Laurie and her little ginger cat!’

    1. Always good to learn a new word. I’ve learned several from you, but my favorite remains “chuffed.”

  4. My Zack is the exact same ginger as your Sherlock! I always feel peaceful when one of the cats is sitting nearby and purring–it goes a long ways toward raising my spirits in this foolish old world . . .

  5. Thanks for including the Christmas music and the movie review, we have thought about going to see Murder on the Orient Express. I have a collection of holiday movies I love to watch every year and Home Alone was the first one watched this year. Sherlock (love the name) looks so comfortable and it looks like it may require some negotiation before he allows you to tackle all the wonderful holiday season events!🙂

    1. You’re most welcome. You, of course, might have a different opinion of “Murder on the Orient Express.” Only one way to find out. 😉 And you’re so right about Sherlock. That cat hates to move when he’s comfortable.

  6. I made my decision on Murder on the Orient Express when I saw Branagh peering over something that resembled a hedge. I am so accustomed to David Suchet playing Poirot I will accept no substitutes.

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