A Glowing Piece About Maya by Cynthia Reyes

This week, my blogging friend Cynthia Reyes, whom I recently featured in this blog, wrote a wonderful piece for her own blog—Cynthia Reyes-–about my YA fantasy novel, Maya and the Book of Everything. By rights, this should have gone into my Three Things Thursday post because I am so thankful that Cynthia took the time to write this article. However, I wanted the piece to have its own space.

Here is an excerpt:

Un-Put-Downable: Maya

You know when you’re reading a book – even a mostly interesting book — but you reach a paragraph or page that’s over-written, over-described, over-dense, confusing or just plain boring?


Me too.

So I can’t praise highly enough the novel that I finished reading last week. “Maya and the Book of Everything” kept me glued to its pages right to the end.

This shouldn’t be. There are many different characters, the book skips from one time and place to another and takes fantastical twists. And yet, the storytelling is seamless, the characters compelling, the dialogue convincing, the quest believably and skillfully portrayed. It was a pure pleasure to read this book.

What makes me even more pleased? This book about a teenaged girl who takes on a seemingly impossible mission is from a small press, and authored by Laurie Graves, a blogger you may know.

With this book, Laurie demonstrates formidable gifts and skill as a novelist.

To read the rest of Cynthia’s piece, click here.

Many, many thanks, Cynthia. I so appreciate her taking the time to do this, especially as her own children’s picture book, Myrtle the Purple Turtle, was just published this month. I know very well what a busy time it is when a book has just been published.

Cynthia’s article about my book is a perfect example of the generosity of the blogging world, a generosity, I’m happy to report, that I’ve experienced with many of my blogging friends.

Merci beaucoup!

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    1. Thanks, Oscar! Maya features a teenage protagonist, but it really is a crossover book. And, because I’m a Shakespeare enthusiast, there are lots of references to Shakespeare. 😉

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