31 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Baked Apples—One, Two, Three”

    1. We roll the apples in butter and then in a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and flour. A tablespoon of water in each of the apple bakers. Bake until very soft. We topped them with vanilla ice cream. It’s like apple pie without the crust, and it still amazes me how you can get so much deliciousness for so little effort.

    1. You bet! We’ll have to have you and Denny over sometime soon for some baked apples.

  1. Our apples are going into sauce & schnitzs (dehydrated chips) currently. And, we are still harvesting tomatoes! Is November really just around the corner?

    1. None at all. Wow! What a great dessert for a minimum amount of effort. It had been awhile since I had made them, and I had forgotten how good they are.

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