Three Things Thursday: Cooler Weather, Fruit Infusion Pitcher, Clif at 66

My weekly exercise in gratitude, or as some of my blogging friends put it, three things that made me smile this week.

First, the weather. All right, compared with what the poor folks in the Caribbean have had to endure, the weather in Maine is nothing to complain about. However…traditionally in Maine, September has been a crisp month of warm days and brisk nights and low humidity. All that seems to be changing, and I have semi-jokingly began referring to  September in Maine as the “new August.”

This week, with its high heat—over 90 degrees on some days—and high humidity, it has certainly felt like August. Actually, make that the end of July. But last night, the wind came, blowing away the humidity and bringing down the heat. It is still a little warm for the end of September, but it is lovely rather than too hot. Inf fact, the temperature has gone down so much that I might have to shut the windows tonight.

Second, a totally awesome fruit infusion pitcher that I found for half price at our local supermarket. As a rule, Clif and and I are very careful about stuff—new or second hand—that we bring into the house. We are mindful of the energy required to make new stuff, and our tolerance for clutter seems to be dropping precipitously as we age. However, yesterday when I saw this fruit infusion pitcher in the discount bin, I barely hesitated before snapping it up. Our daughter Dee has been singing the praises of her infusion pitcher, and I am a huge fan of all things fruit or berries.

Therefore, it was with great anticipation that we filled the center section with raspberries and lemons, and readers, I was not in the least disappointed.  The resulting flavored water is utterly delicious, has no calories, and no artificial sweeteners. Quick as a wink, I drank two glasses of this lovely  water, and if it hadn’t been so close to bedtime, I would have had another glass. The infusion mixture can be used for a couple of days, and that is what I call a lot of bang for a berry and citrus buck.

Finally and perhaps best of all, Clif at 66. To celebrate his birthday, we went on a thirteen-mile bike ride on the rail trail in Augusta, and even though it was hot, we utterly enjoyed ourselves. I am so grateful to have a husband, who at sixty-six, has the energy and the enthusiasm to go on longish bike rides when it’s 85°. Bike on, Dude! Bike on.

36 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Cooler Weather, Fruit Infusion Pitcher, Clif at 66”

  1. Happy birthday Dad!! 🙂

    We’re getting a cool front coming in tomorrow – mid- to high 70s for the next five days!! Just have to get through today in the 90s! It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend – looking forward to hiking with the girls and not feeling like dropping because of the heat!

    Love the water infuser – might need to invest in one ourselves!

  2. Happy Birthday, Clif! We wish you a big wave of fun new things in your 67th year.
    And, we might just have to chase down one of those infusion pitchers… We try to dispose (recycle) something of the same size as any new “thing” coming into the house. Surely I have something pitcher-size that is ready to move on?

  3. I’ve never seen an infusion pitcher before (I must get out more !.!..). I wish that we had your bike trails in our area. I hope you guys are biking on for many more years.

    1. As I noted in another comment, if you like fruit, berries, and flavored water, than an infusion pitcher is just the thing. My, my, is that waster tasty.

  4. Never heard of fruit infusion, but what a great idea – thanks for sharing! And what a (sorry, have to say it, dude) ADORABLE photo of the birthday boy. 😉 He looks quite pleased.

    1. Delicious, Eliza! Woo-who, so glad I found one on sale. I thought the picture was adorable, too. 😉

  5. I was with you on the weather. I kept saying, “Do not complain.”
    Today sure was a blessing as we worked in the garden. Fruit infusion and a bike ride sounds great to me.

    1. If you like berries and fruit and flavored water, then you won’t be disappointed. Utterly delicious.

  6. I too made a comment to a friend that this September was a lovely August. I hauled way 3 wheel barrow’s of spent leaves from the tomatoes to then pick 3 baskets of red balls (some of which are now cooking down into a sause for later this week). But, the cooler temperatures also arrived and I solved the draft by taking downt he window fans (it was 36F this morning). Cheers to Cliff biking on his birthday! – Oscar

    1. Thanks, Oscar! I do believe it was chillier at your home than it was at mine. I don’t think it got below 40 here.

      1. We are lined up for the next storm to come our way. Tropical storm Nate (may become a hurricane this weekend) is projected to pass right over us. We could use the rain. – Oscar

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