A Great Time at the Great Falls Comic Expo (2017)

Last Saturday, right on the heels of all the birthday brouhaha, Clif and I had a table at the first ever Great Falls Comic Expo in Lewiston, Maine. Tired from all the festivities of the past two weeks, we weren’t sure what to expect at the Expo, but I am happy to report we had a great time. While the focus was on comic books and costumes, there was plenty of room for fantasy and horror and other overlapping genres.

First and very important, we sold enough books—Maya and the Book of Everything and The Wave of Time–to make the day worthwhile. This is always a very good thing. (How depressing to go to an event and barely make the table fee. Alas, this has happened to us a few times.)

Second, the other vendors were so friendly and wonderfully generous. They gave me tips about the many other comic book conventions in Maine. (I had no idea there were so many.) It didn’t take me long to realize I was among a group of kindred spirits who had a passion for fantasy and folderol.

Third, it was just plain to fun see all the people in various costumes—Ghost Busters, many Doctor Whos, and lots of other wild and creative characters. There were various events to spice up the Expo, including a drawing smack-down where two artists on stage had to quickly draw a scenario suggested by members of the audience.  One particularly good rendition—I think it was of a dragon being analyzed by the Cat in the Hat—was immediately sold to someone in the audience.

Many thanks to Benjamin Santos of Cosplay Convention Center for organizing such a terrfic event. Thanks to Benjamin, Clif and I will be attending more comic book conventions.

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  1. Wow – super exciting, Laurie and Clif! I recently was in my first craft show & I know the pain of barely making back your table fee. But I found, as you did, that the people were awesome.

    1. Don’t give up! Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right shows with people who are eager to buy nice things. It can take quite a while to find these shows.

  2. I am so pleased you enjoyed yourselves and you managed to sell a number of your books. My elder daughter loves attending conventions, especially the Horror Con in Sheffield where she lives.
    I have ordered Clif’s book for my husband. I am sure he will enjoy it. How are you progressing with the sequel to The Book of Everything? I need to know what happens next!!

    1. Thanks so much, Clare! We really appreciate it. I bet your daughter has a lot of fun at those conventions. As for the sequel—Library Lost—I’m halfway through the first draft, and I’m shooting for a publishing date of fall 2018. Thanks for asking!

  3. In twelve years of selling antiques and collectables I managed three days when I didn’t take a penny, so congratulations on the sales. It’s good you liked the people – it can be a long day otherwise.

    That isa very professional display.

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