Turtle Dreams

Yesterday’s bike ride seemed as though it would be a bust. The air was so heavy and humid that my chest felt constricted. And then there was the heat, which could only be called oppressive.

“Let’s go on a short ride,” I said, and Clif concurred.

We were both disappointed as we are trying to build strength to go on longer rides. But  neither of us had the stamina to tackle hills in the face of such heat and humidity.

“No matter,” Clif said. “There will be other days.”

On our rides, I almost always bring my camera. (One of the benefits of having a small camera is that it can be tucked into a bike bag.)  Much of our ride goes by Maranacook Lake, and you never know what you are going to see: Herons, loons, ducks, geese.

And turtles. We were almost back to the parking lot when I spotted this turtle, resting on a rock. This is a painted turtle, I think, but if anyone knows otherwise, don’t be afraid to comment.

What dreams go through the turtle’s head, I wonder? Dark water, food, finding a mate, avoiding danger? The lives of wild animals are often hard, yet there are moments of relative peace, as this resting turtle shows.

For this human, yesterday’s bike ride was a good lesson—even on a short excursion there is plenty to notice.

29 thoughts on “Turtle Dreams”

  1. What colours! It must get hot under that shell – then off for a dip – lovely.
    It is sizzling over here in the UK at the moment – saps my energy for sure.

    1. I had never thought of how hot it must get under that shell. But, as you noted, a dip will take care of the heat.

  2. What a wonderful picture! I love the reflections of the sky in the water. This turtle is a lucky guy or girl, whatever!

    1. Foolishness might be a better description, but I did get that picture of the turtle.

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