22 thoughts on “The Hawthorne Tree Abloom”

  1. I love to see the red Hawthorn (or the Red May as it is sometimes called). I had a lovely red Hawthorn in the garden of the house where I grew up. Beautiful photo, Laurie!

    1. Thanks, Clare. I’ve never seen another in our town. Of course, one might be tucked away in someone’s yard.

  2. What a nice remembrance as you so recently celebrated your 40th. I didn’t know what tree this was. Thanks for sharing its beauty and story,

    1. Such a beautiful tree. It’s in a friend’s yard, and it’s the only hawthorne tree that around here that I know of.

    1. The hawthorn is in a friend’s yard. I had never seen a hawthorn tree before, and I know of no others in Winthrop. Of course, there might be some that I’m not aware of.

    1. It’s the only one I have ever seen. There might be other trees in the area but if so, then I haven’t noticed them.

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