Reading Maya at the Vassalboro Public Library

Yesterday, I was the featured author at the Vassalboro Summer Reading Festival, and I presented my slide show Using Real Life in Fantasy. This, of course, included reading excerpts from my novel Maya and the Book of Everything.

What a day it was! Although the photo doesn’t show this, so many people came that extra chairs had to be brought out, and there was standing room only at the end. Many thanks to Donna Lambert, the Vassalboro Library director,  and David Theriault, the Vassalboro School librarian, for the wonderful publicity and for putting together such a fabulous event with a multitude of activities. Also, many thanks to friends and family who came.

There were several highlights to this presentation.

First, this is my hometown library, and it plays an essential role in my book. Several times, as I was talking about East Vassalboro, I actually got a little teary eyed.

Second, a young girl came early to buy a copy of my book. She and her mother had another commitment and were not able to stay for the presentation. The young girl actually used her birthday money to buy the book, and I was extremely touched by this.

Third, another young girl had me sign the book to both her and her friend, Mya—a little different spelling of my own “Maya.”  I hope they both like the book!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve tweaked my presentation so that it is more child friendly yet still appropriate for a general audience. There is a bit more tweaking I will do, but it is pretty close to the way I want it. I even have a writing exercise planned for children when I go into schools next year.

Anyway, such a terrific day yesterday. Again, thanks to Donna and David for organizing  the Summer Reading Festival. Not only was it  meaningful for me, but according to Donna, the festival was a big success for the town, with many people attending the various events.

Donna and David are prime examples of what can happen when positive, energetic people invest time and energy in a town. May the Vassalboro Summer Reading Festival continue and may other children’s writers join the festivities.




33 thoughts on “Reading Maya at the Vassalboro Public Library”

  1. Hooray for libraries and hooray for you. I am glad so many people were able to hear your presentation. It is a perfect start to the summer reading program. I love your heartwarming anecdotes about the children. A special day for you and them.

    1. Thanks, Jan! Well, I do have a fantasy tour of England planned. So far, it’s just in my head, but who knows?

  2. So happy that you and everyone who attended had such a wonderful time – it would have been so rewarding for Donna and David too. Special days are made for this 💜

  3. I am so glad it went well and there was a good turn out. It is heartening to know that reading is still more important than electronics for some kids! 😉

    1. A wonderful day! And I really love interacting with the children. They are so serious when they come to have their books signed. Very different from most adults.

  4. We were pleased and honored to have you present at the library in conjunction with the Summer Reading Festival! Thank you so much… and in “Library Lost” please take it easy on the librarians! 😉

  5. Sounds like a worthwhile day – getting children to read is always worthwhile. We tried everything from threats to bribery with ours, and even then they only read sports reports and graphic novels! 😉

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