To Manchester and England, My Heart Goes Out to You

Today’s post is dedicated to Manchester, England. The bombing of the arena was a horrible thing to do.  As someone who lives in the United States, I know all too well how such an attack can rattle the whole country. (On September 11, 2001, I had a daughter in New York City and in Washington, DC. It is a day I will never forget.)

As is the case with all such attacks, the Manchester bombing was just plain evil, bringing tragedy, pain, and death to what should have been a joyful event. I suppose that was the whole point. But what a vile, cowardly act to target children.

The one consoling note to this catastrophe was hearing on the radio about the kindness and generosity of the people who live in Manchester.  A cab company gave free rides to shaken survivors. People took strangers into their home. There is indeed a coming together when such a tragic event occurs.

What follows will be a time of grieving and sorrow.

Manchester, my heart goes out to you.


32 thoughts on “To Manchester and England, My Heart Goes Out to You”

  1. Bless you for your kind thoughts Laurie. I live in the South of England, and yes the shock waves are felt all over the country. The sadness is that these atrocities, as far as I understand it, are carried out by people who do not believe they are doing an evil or cowardly act – they believe they are doing it for a higher good.
    All belief systems that are not based on the reality of the natural world have a dark and difficult side. Education, love and giving people beautiful activities to live for, are what I see as the only way forward – creativity is a gift we all share – if we humans concentrated on creating beauty in sound, word, deed, act, art, gardens, cloth ………. etc etc it would give each and every one of us something to hang our need for meaning on.
    War promotes war, we are all responsible.
    Much love to all affected today and in the future.
    “May the beauty you love, be what you do” ❤

    1. I agree with your assessment. Education and understanding are what’s needed most. Until we change our patterns, I don’t see a way forward. A sad, sad day.

    2. Many thanks. So horrible to think of it, especially when children are targeted. I so agree with you about creativity in all its many and beautiful forms.

  2. Nice, thoughtful post, Laurie. Heartfelt condolences to survivors and kin. I will continue to pray for tolerance, education and understanding that we all share this planet and therefore, must work together despite our differences.

  3. It is good that we can all feel the pain. We cannot let ourselves become hardened to all that is going on in the world. We need basic respect and understanding and belief in the worth of every human being.

  4. These acts take our breath way, leave us almost speechless. Our poor world has become more confusing and in many ways more destructive. So important, now more than ever, to right the ship. The acts of kindness ( cab drivers, shop owners, community members) and the kind words and thoughts you are offering to the universe, are so needed right now. We should all feel the pain in our hearts when something like this occurs.

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