Maya and the Book of Everything at the Chapel Hill Library in North Carolina

Yesterday, I received a wonderful email from my daughter Shannon, who lives in North Carolina. She had put in a request for the Chapel Hill Library to carry my YA fantasy novel, Maya and the Book of Everything. And, by gum, they have! So now Maya and the Book of Everything is in a library in North Carolina.

Requesting that a library carry a book is a wonderful way to promote writers and to help spread the word about their books. (Some of you have also done this for Maya, and I thank you very much.)

Readers, if your library has Maya and the Book of Everything, be sure to let me know. After all, even though there is plenty of adventure and fantasy in my book, there are also some serious issues: the importance of libraries for spreading knowledge and the notion that facts do matter.

Perhaps in today’s world, that last notion seems a little quaint, but it is my belief that facts have always mattered and always will.

19 thoughts on “Maya and the Book of Everything at the Chapel Hill Library in North Carolina”

  1. That’s wonderful–a little bit of Maine south of the Mason-Dixon line! I’m with Eliza. Once my granddaughters are done with the book, it likely will end up in our library.

  2. Your thought that facts do matter is not just a notion, nor is it quaint. In my opinion, it is fundamental to living as a rational society. Congrats on getting Maya into the library at Chapel Hill.

  3. Well done, Laurie! I have enjoyed reading your book very much, though I only have a Kindle version. I will see if my library is able to get your book. I will let you know. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Clare! And if your library does decide to carry my book, it would be so cool to have a picture of Maya by your library’s sign. With your permission, I would definitely post it on my blog.

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