A Mid-Winter Craft Fair in Fairfield, Maine

Tomorrow, Clif and I will be taking our cards and books to a craft fair in Fairfield at their community center.  A friend recommended this craft fair, and she will be returning with her jewelry for the second time. After the flurry of the holidays, things have quieted down for us, and we are looking forward to being out and about again with our cards and books.

Even the weather is cooperating—a sunny day today and a sunny day is predicted for tomorrow.  Clif said last night, “It’s great not to have to think about clearing snow for the next day or two.”

Indeed it is. Much as we both like winter, clearing all that snow is, shall we say, a bit tiring, especially at our age. So we appreciate the break and the chance to get out on Saturday. (That’s another thing about snowstorms. They keep you pretty close to home.)

Clif even got a chance to take Liam for a walk this morning, something he hasn’t been able to do for some time.


Onward to the craft fair in Fairfield!

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    1. We are. We don’t expect the weather to be good, and we have learned to drive on snow, slushy roads 😉 We do, however, have enough sense to say home when the weather is really bad.

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