Winter Wonderland

I got up this morning to a most lovely sight—the little snowstorm from last night left a fluffy covering on the branches, the fence, on everything. I immediately grabbed my camera and went out to take some pictures. As I was surrounded by this winter beauty, my spirits felt buoyed by the white, quiet landscape. Yet again, I reflected that I am a true Mainer—five generations on my mother’s side, and before that they came from Canada. I belong here spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Maybe in ten or fifteen years I’ll feel otherwise and want to head to warmer climes. But for now, at least, Maine is the place for me.







This last one is for Ruth, who works with my daughter Shannon. I wanted her to know that we can still see outside our window.


32 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. It is very lovely – very serene. I sent Ruth the link to this so that she can see your windows aren’t covered yet! 🙂

      1. She is reassured! 😛 And she was quite tickled that you mentioned her and thought to take that picture for her to see!!

      2. She would definitely appreciate that! She really likes your header on the top with the snow on the lights – if you don’t think that is too Christmasy. Really any of the snow ones around your house she would love. Ones that really show how much snow you have! 😛

  2. Nice shots. It looks like you may have had more snow than we did. We only got about an inch but had to do a bit of shoveling because they had plowed the snow banks back and into our driveway. I agree it was a nice morning to be out and the chickadee was calling “phoebe” from a nearby tree.

    1. Thanks, Beth! The beauty of the morning was something I really needed. It felt like such a gift.

  3. I remember the snow when I lived in Northern Wisconsin for 20 years. I remember the sound of walking on the snow when it was 30 below zero. And the black sky sparkling with what seemed like one million stars Loved that!

  4. Looks like an old-fashioned winter with high snow banks. I expect the warmer temps this weekend might reduce them a bit. Despite the wind, today was a stellar, bluebird day!

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