Still It Snows

But so far we haven’t lost our power, and for that Clif and I are very grateful. We’ve had about ten inches of snow, but it’s still snowing hard, and I’m guessing we’ll have over a foot before the day is done, but we probably won’t get twenty-four inches.

Nevertheless, this means two clean-ups—Clif with Little Green and me with my trusty blue shovel.Β  We’ll be heading out pretty soon—at around 10:30—and we’ll go back out later this afternoon.

Clif has already been out once this morning to clear paths for Liam so that he could do his morning business. Here is what our yard looked like at around 8 a.m.

Clif plows a path to the backyard for Liam.


The path.


Our front steps.


Will the snow reach the bottom of the lantern?


Clif standing in the front walkway.


Winter has certainly come to Maine, but as long as we have our power, we are happy.

20 thoughts on “Still It Snows”

    1. That we will do! Don’t forget to show these pictures to Ruth. I had her in mind when I took them.

      1. I sent her a link of here right off – she was as impressed and overwhelmed as you would expect! She commented right off about the light post! πŸ˜›

    1. Quite lovely! A white, cold yet soft—as you implied—world. Out for my clean-up today. More clean-up tomorrow with another storm.

  1. Ah, that reminds of our Canadian winters and how we gave in and bought a snowblower after three winters ;o) Love the snow, but oh boy, such work it is to make clear paths and drives ;o) In The Netherlands and here in south Ohio, armageddon is declared with only one inch of snow…Stay warm and safe and eat lots of apple pie with hot cocoas!!xo Johanna

  2. Best to get out between cups of tea before the snow gets deeper than 5 inches when shoveling or using a snow thrower. Our shovels are idle this year, as is the tractor with the 8′ plow for the driveway.

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