Here Comes the Snow Again…

Gray sky over the house,


crow by the feeder,


and the flying pig nearly buried in snow.


Here comes the snow again, this time a blizzard, with up to twenty-four inches of snow predicted. Clif and I are hoping we don’t lose our power, but we are ready, just in case. We have pails of water in the basement, cans of soup in the pantry, plenty of bread and milk, plenty of peanut butter.  Clif hauled in extra wood for the furnace, and we have several bottles of lamp oil.

We are ready. But man oh man, we hope the power doesn’t go out.

21 thoughts on “Here Comes the Snow Again…”

  1. I’ll be thinking of you over there all safe and warm. And I totally agree with you – being snowed in for a short time is a much greater delight when the electric stays on. 😉 XOXOOXOX

    1. It’s a big storm, even for Maine. So far we’ve only had ten inches of snow, but it’s still snowing like crazy. We might not get twenty-four, but I expect we’ll get over a foot.

      1. Sounds like North Carolina, where my daughter lives. You just aren’t used to handling it. Tomorrow, it will be business as usual in central Maine.

      1. Not even a flicker at the little house in the big woods. Still, I’m leaving the pot of water on the stove. Another storm coming tomorrow.

  2. When the power is on it is a cozy day at home. When it is off all we want to do is lie under a lot of blankets and read. But how exciting when you hear the hum of the refrigerator as it goes on! Good luck!

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