23 thoughts on “A Glittering Fairyland”

    1. No, we didn’t lose our power. Makes me appreciate the beauty more when the power is on 😉

    1. Thanks, Jodie! My goodness! Wearing a sweatshirt and raking in January. Craziness, as my daughter would say.

  1. I also enjoyed the sparkle of the icy branches against the morning 🌞. I’m glad you got the pictures to share. Thank you!!

      1. It’s on a stake, but there’s so much snow you can’t see the stake. We got over a foot last week, and this was followed by about five inches. Lots of snow! Common for Maine in the winter.

  2. A glittering fairyland, a winter wonderland! I can smell and feel the crisp air as though I’m there, is such a familiar sensation to this Maine girl. 🙂

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