Happy New Year, 2017!

The holidays are over, the kids and dogs are gone, and the house is oh so quiet. Time to settle into the soothing rhythms of winter. Time to look ahead, to hope, and, perhaps, to act.

A very happy New Year to all! May the coming year be filled with creativity, good food, and simple pleasures.


22 thoughts on “Happy New Year, 2017!”

  1. Creativity, good food, and simple pleasures. That about covers it. It feels good to leave the old year and enter the new, doesn’t it? Our lovely snow is being pounded to death by the rain tonight, but it’s cozy and serene indoors. Hope none of us lose our power tonight!

    1. Brenda, it certainly does! The rain came down in central Maine, too, and today the world is a glittering fairyland. We didn’t lose our power—hope you didn’t—and the sky is blue. All in all, not a bad storm.

  2. Happy New Year! There is pleasure to be found in both the holiday festivities with family visits and in returning to the rhythm of every day.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Robin! And you are so right about the pleasure in holiday festivities and the pleasure in everyday life.

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