The First Snowfall of December

Yesterday, we had the first real snowfall of the season. The snow was light and fluffy and there was a satisfying chill to the air. Somehow, that first snowfall is always exhilarating, a treat for the senses when even the air smells cold. The landscape is white and silent and oh so lovely.

Admittedly, the thrill of snow is gone by March, but that is several months away. In the meantime, I revel in the snows of December, in the red lights we have strung outside, in the dark green of firs, pines, and cedars around our house.

Time to make soup. Time to make bread. Time to wrap presents.






20 thoughts on “The First Snowfall of December”

  1. I often think I can hear when the snow has fallen overnight by the silence it brings. It’s lovely to feel your sense of rapture reading this.

    1. Yes! There’s just something about that first snowfall. I’ve felt ever since I was a child, and now that I’m approaching my, ahem, senior years, I still feel it.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, and I love the name of your blog. I post a blog based on my trail walks, mostly near my home in northeast Ohio. It’s wonderful to virtually visit beautiful places in other parts of the country via some very special blogs.

    1. Many thanks! Yes, it is wonderful to visit—via blogs—beautiful places in other parts of the country. And the world!

    1. Yes, yes! Also time for Christmas specials, which my long-suffering husband tolerates with reasonably good grace 😉

  3. When those first big fat flakes were drifting down, I was in heaven. It looks like you got about the same amount that we did. I just bought some used cross country skis, so am keeping fingers crossed for lots more. Woo-hoo for winter.

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