Bailey Library’s 100th Birthday Celebration


Last Saturday, while I was selling books at the Winthrop Craft Fair, there was a party going on at the Charles M. Bailey Public Library in honor of its 100th birthday.

I was sorry to miss the party, but I sent Clif with our trusty wee wonder of a camera, and he got some very good shots. Normally, I don’t post this many pictures, but Bailey Library will only turn 100 once, so I’m going to make an exception with this post.

There was a cake, of course, with a picture of our beautiful library,


a wall of birthday cards,


and speeches by various friends and supporters.

img_5345Mary Jane Auns, Chair of the Bailey Library Trustees

 Shenna Bellows, our State Senator

img_5353Sarah Fuller, Chair of the Winthrop Town Council

img_5365Paul Cottrell, Treasurer of the Library Trustees

img_5371Richard Fortin, Library Director

img_5376Shane Malcolm Billings, Adult Services Librarian

img_5388Phil Locashio, the Architect for the New Addition

Many people came to celebrate the library’s birthday.


The festivities ended with a bell concert.


A very happy birthday, Bailey Library, and thank you, Charles M. Bailey, for giving the the town this magnificent gift.

16 thoughts on “Bailey Library’s 100th Birthday Celebration”

  1. Oh, I get teary – eyed when I think of the way our local libraries have enhanced my life. I simply do not know how I would live without them. Happy 100th to your beloved library, my friend.

  2. Looks like a great celebration in honor of the library! The wall of birthday cards is wonderful as it shows the community support πŸ™‚ I’ve just found your blog and am excited to follow it

  3. You worked very hard to help make the renovations happen. It is so nice that this was able to be completed before the 100th anniversary celebration. You role of Trustee also helps this library to thrive. Kudos to you. I would have loved to hear the handbells.

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