Happy 2016 Thanksgiving!

Status report for the day before Thanksgiving.

Item: Banana and pumpkin bread are in the freezer.

Item: Ditto for the chocolate ice cream pie.

Item: And the gravy, which I made last week.

Item: The green beans are cooked and are ready to be made into green bean casserole.

Item: The bread has been shredded for the stuffing.

Item: The turkey waits in the refrigerator.

Today will be a busy day of making the aforementioned green bean casserole as well as a sweet potato casserole. Also, I’m going to cook and mash the potatoes and then heat them in my slow-cooker on Thanksgiving.

Do I like to be prepared for this big and somewhat hectic day? You bet I do!

Despite the horrid political season, there is much to be grateful for—family, friends, a snug house, and plenty to eat.

Finally, there is my novel, Maya and the Book of Everything. We’re coming down the homestretch with that, and this is indeed something to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I will be taking a holiday break, but I’ll be back next Monday.


19 thoughts on “Happy 2016 Thanksgiving!”

    1. The bowl belonged to Clif’s mother, and it’s my favorite bowl for cranberry sauce. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    1. In fact, I’m rather right-brained and disorganized. My saving grace? I can focus on specific events and be organized. Phew! Thanks goodness! I’d be in a real pickle otherwise πŸ˜‰

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