Lo and Behold! A Dusting of Snow

I always wake up listening to National Public Radio. I hear news—local, national, and international—and most important, I hear about the Maine weather. This morning I learned that there had been a dusting of snow in southern Maine.

Technically, Clif and I live in central Maine, but geographically, we are more southern than central. I wondered, could we have gotten a dusting of snow, too? As soon as I got up, I pulled the shades and discovered yes, we had. I had left some garden ornaments out for this very event, and I saw that snow caps covered their little heads. Also, some of the plants looked very fetching with an icing of snow.

Immediately, before tea, before breakfast, before getting dressed, I put on a coat, some shoes—no socks, however—and took some pictures. The steps were very slippery, and the dog and I had to creep carefully down them. (As soon as I was done taking pictures, I brought up the blue covered pail with the salt and set it in a corner of the porch.)

I so enjoy taking pictures of garden ornaments with a dusting of snow. They look solemn and stoic, and it appeals to my New England sensibility.

I also got a couple of good pictures of plants in the snow, and I’ll be using the red berry and evergreen as a winter card.

As much as I appreciated the warm weather, it does my heart good to see the Maine landscape look more like mid-November.






27 thoughts on “Lo and Behold! A Dusting of Snow”

  1. First dusting!! πŸ™‚ We had to scrape our windshield this morning so that’s pretty cold for NC this time of year! πŸ˜›

  2. Hi Laurie, I just discovered you from your comment to Susan Branch and your blog is my second time to ever respond to one but I wanted you to know you have a new suscriber from s. California. I looovee Maine. I have a very dear friend who lived in Cherryfield and I teach with a young woman from that area… I have only visited once in the fall about 30 years ago and I will never forget that trip. Your photos are so pretty. Last night we had rain. What a blessing!

    1. How lovely! So glad you commented and have subscribed to my blog. It’s funny how things ripple outward. I almost didn’t comment on Susan’s blog because she got so many comments, and I didn’t want to burden her. But I also wanted her to know I supported her. I am glad I did. Maine is a lovely state, and I take pictures of central Maine, where I live, throughout the year. Funny, but I have a friend in Cherryfield, too. And, it’s wonderful that you got rain. I know how dry it has been in southern California.

    1. Thanks, Helen. We don’t always get snow in November, but generally the ground is hard and frozen. Now, it is green and soft. Very strange! Still, it was nice to see the snow.

  3. We had about the same amount here. We’re enjoying the cold! Have a great Thanksgiving and slip Liam a little bit of turkey for me.

    1. Thanks, Brenda! And a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Liam will certainly get a bit of turkey, and I expect the same is true for little (?) Capp.

  4. No snow in Chicago yet but we arrived in Minneapolis yesterday to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s house and was greeted by a couple inches of wet, slushy snow. Have a happy holiday!

  5. A dusting of snow! Four of my favourite words. Because I can handle a dusting alright. It’s the deep stuff that gets me….
    Hope your Thanksgiving was loving and filling and kind.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I, too, am getting to the point where I prefer a dusting to the deep stuff πŸ˜‰

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