Fourteen Days Until Maya and the Book of Everything Is Published!

Clif and I are coming down the homestretch with my YA fantasy novel, Maya and the Book of Everything. Fourteen days left until publication on Monday, November 28.  Maya will be available either as a quality paperback or as an e-book on Amazon. (Soon after, the book will also be available through other outlets.)

Such a lot of hard work but very exciting, too. As I’ve written in previous posts, I am so thrilled by the cover, designed by James T. Egan of Bookfly Design. I’ve come to describe the color as “Maya blue,” no matter where I see it. Not surprisingly, blue is my favorite color. However, blue is not Maya’s favorite color—red is—and I mention this as an example of the differences between author and character.

But the mysterious Book of Everything, which is literally dropped into Maya’s messenger bag, is blue—beautiful blue, Earth blue, the color of our water planet.


35 thoughts on “Fourteen Days Until Maya and the Book of Everything Is Published!”

  1. I’m SO pleased for you and can’t wait to get my signed copy. Please advise $$$ so I can send you a check and get it ASAP!! XOXOXO

    1. Thanks for asking, Cynthia! It’s a YA book for ages 10 to 18, but it’s also a crossover book that will appeal to adults, too.

      1. It’s a funny story. Years back, when I was editing a literary journal my husband and I were publishing, I was searching The Chicago Manual of Style for an answer to a question—don’t even remember what it was. What I do remember is that I couldn’t find the answer, and I thought, “I wish I had a Book of Everything!” Then I started wondering what a Book of Everything would be like, and my novel flowed from there.

  2. Hoping to hear you discuss your book at library events as well as having the opportunity to read it. I love hearing the background behind the book. It is such a wonderful family collaboration. Heartwarming.

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