Muted Beauty

The glory of autumn is starting to fade, as it does every year. Austere November is right around the corner, and the glorious maple trees have begun to shed their leaves in preparation. While I am a little sorry to see the passing of those bright red, yellow, and orange leaves, I also love the muted beauty of November—the browns and russets. After all the hectic color of October, I find November’s tones soothing.

This picture of a once-green fern illustrates my point. It has faded to white and has brown outlines on the edges. The fern is a good reminder that beauty comes in many shapes and colors, from the first blush of spring to the deep green of summer to the mature beauty of autumn and finally to the sparkling cold of winter.


Would I be pushing the point too much to apply this principle to people? No, I don’t think I would be pushing it too much, and so I will.

12 thoughts on “Muted Beauty”

    1. Thanks, Derrick! I have noticed the difference between our seasons and yours. So interesting.

  1. Funny, but I’ve been thinking of fall in New England as a metaphor for aging well! Don’t mourn what you can no longer do, but head towards old age with as much zest and beauty as you can.

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