The Best Lobster Rolls, Ever: Father’s Day Part II

Yesterday—thanks to Shannon and Mike—Clif and I had a glorious meal of lobster rolls from the Lighthouse Wine & Seafood Market in Manchester, Maine.  (You might call this delicious treat Father’s Day, Part II, with me benefiting as much as Clif.) We both decided those lobster rolls were the best we’d ever had—chunks of sweet Maine lobster held together with just a hint of mayonnaise and absolutely nothing else.



Some foodies, usually from away, will proclaim that traditional lobster rolls are too plain and should be jazzed up with, say, chives or chopped lettuce or chopped peppers. Simply put, they are wrong. Maine lobster is as close to perfection as food can get, and lobster rolls need only bread, lobster, and a bit of mayo. Case closed.

The rolls were so large and delicious that when we finished eating, Clif took a nap on the living room couch, and I did what I love to do most in the summer—sit on the patio, read, smell the flowers, watch and listen to the creatures who come to the backyard, hear the wind move through the trees, and take pictures.

A perfectly delightful way to spend an afternoon, and what with all the yard work and other chores I’ve had, yesterday was the first time since last summer that I was really able to sit on the patio and watch and listen. To borrow from Mozart, a more delightful way to spend the afternoon I cannot imagine. It never, ever gets old.

Here are some of the creatures I saw yesterday in my backyard.






What a weekend! All would have been perfect if on Saturday night, Sherlock hadn’t dropped a live mouse on the floor in the living room as we were watching Game of Thrones. The mouse ran under the couch, and then to parts unknown. However, on Sunday morning, the cats were crouched by one of hutches in the dining room, and we left the dining room door open for most  of the day. I can only hope that the mouse found its way outside, and as we haven’t seen any more crouching cats looking under furniture, I feel fairly optimistic.

Once again, I was reminded that perfection is only for the gods, not for humans, and into every life comes the equivalent of little mice running about the house. So while we can eat lobster rolls, let us eat lobster rolls.



19 thoughts on “The Best Lobster Rolls, Ever: Father’s Day Part II”

  1. You are most welcome – felt a little blue not being there and so wanted to be able to do something the day of!! Glad that the lobster rolls were so good! 🙂 And Happy Father’s Day again Dad!

  2. eeeek, a mouse in the house!!! But that lobster roll…I love lobster and mayo! Actually I had a dish this weekend called Chicken Oscar = Chicken, lobster, asparagus and sauce Bearnaise, all local expect for the lobster, it was from Maine! Man, so good! Lovely photos , as always!!! xo Johanna

    1. Jodie, it certainly was. The second picture is of a little red squirrel, trying to hide from the cats and dog.

  3. I can almost taste the lobster roll. I don’t like things added to it either. Either a bit of mayo or butter to dip it in, that’s it. Who wants to cover any of the flavor? What’s up with lobster macaroni and cheese? I have bookmarked the location and see it is a 36 minutes from our son’s in Freedom so I hope to go in August.:) Two years ago I requested a picnic for Mother’s Day and it turned into going to a town on Buzzard’s Bay and eating a lobster roll as we looked at the water. We did it again this year. I completely agree- eat lobster when you can because you never know when the mice will appear.

    1. Yes, yes Betsy! Augusta/Manchester is not far from Freedom. Or Winthrop. I know that when visiting family, family always takes precedence—of course it does!—-but if time and schedules allow, I’d love to meet you when you come to Maine in August.

  4. What a fun post, love the pics. The mouse part made me chuckle. Yes, let us eat lobster rolls while we can. Though in truth I’ve never tried lobster rolls, yours looked delicious. The times I’ve eaten lobster, it’s been with hot butter (yummmmy), so I would be inclined to agree… Less (sauce) is better when it comes to lobster perfection. Take care.

  5. Oddly enough, we had lobster rolls yesterday too. It was that kind of day. We had lobster and ribs on Father’s Day and leftover lobster in the rolls yesterday. Only we make ours without mayonnaise. Just pure lobster, a little butter, and a spritz of lemon. Heaven.
    And, I love your lobster and mice philosophy. Eat on and hope the mice don’t do too much damage.

    1. Brenda, it’s that lobster time of year, and pronouncements aside, lobster is great no matter how it’s eaten 😉 And, yes, let’s hope the little mouse had enough sense to run outside.

  6. Mice freak me out so I’m hoping yours headed out and about away from your interior. 🙂 I do think that Maine needs a new highway sign – “while we can eat lobster rolls, let us eat lobster rolls.” I like it a lot. 🙂

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