A Ducky Father’s Day Celebration by the River

Yesterday, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day early by having lunch by the Kennebec River and then by going for a bike ride on the rail trail that runs from Augusta to Gardiner. (We would start in Hallowell.)

Accordingly, we ordered take-away from Lucky Gardens, our favorite Chinese restaurant, and headed to the pier in Hallowell where we could enjoy our lunch.




As we were eating, we were joined by a female mallard duck, and the pleading look in her eyes reminded us of our dog Liam.


Did we share our fortune cookie with her? Of course we did! And I must say that seagulls could learn a few things about manners from this little duck, who was present but was neither aggressive nor obnoxious. No doubt she is used to getting handouts, and it would take someone made of very stern stuff to refuse this little beauty.

After lunch, it was on to the rail trail, where we went to Gardiner and then back again to Hallowell. It was a round trip of about ten miles.





All in all, a very good ducky kind of a day.


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    1. Thanks, Judy. Very beautiful to eat by the river. Yes, we are getting our exercise, which we very much need. Too sedentary over the winter. I hope next winter we will be motivated to go on the exercise bike.

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